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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Learn Something New Every Beer...

A lot of people -- at least here in the States -- are splurging for some pretty pricey craft beers these days. So, according to at least one glassware maker, you may as well quaff them from glasses that do them justice.German glassware maker Spiegelau has launched a line of brew specific glasses.

The 17.5-ounce lager glasses (left) start narrow and broaden to a wide mouth. Spiegelau says the shape helps present "the aromatics of this style of beer and showcases the color, clarity and carbonation of good lagers." The other sets include 17.5-ounce wheat beer glasses (center) and 14-ounce stemmed pilsner glasses (right).

Now, at $30 for a set of two, I'm sure that these are perfectly acceptable glasses for sipping beer. But, if you really want to quaff beer, check out these below. Is that Sir Hook on the right?

Sir Bowie "quaff in good health" of Greenbriar


  1. At first when i clicked on the blog not all the pictures came thru... LOL so the words " is that Hook on the right" ? appeared under the three glasses....

    so i don't know how tall you are Bowie...but i'm five ten so i'll be the glass in the middle.. and you be the one on the left...

    Hooky can be the tubby one with the spindly legs...LOL....what larks teasing Hooky while he's out of town..:))

    ( The pics all showed in the end.... slow computer today )

    Sir Dayvd

  2. Wow! That really does look like me! Where did you find that picture? That not a glass, that's a fish pond! I will say that I agree about enjoying beer in a proper glass. I invested in official British pint glasses for home.