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Monday, September 8, 2008


Sir Hook's post the other day about our 365th post and our upcoming anniversary of this blog site, reminded me of one of my favorite Knights of MSA related sites:

This is a great site to not only check in on what's new with the legendary Moleskine Journals, but a great library of what people out there are creating. If you click on the icon on the left, then click "what's this?" and then (I know that that is a lot of clicking) "Moleskine Group Pool" you'll land on an awesome group of artist, writers, photographers, doodlers... ALL using Moleskine Journals.

or, you could just link to:

Here's an example by Peaskine:

And one by Blackvampire:

And muevelapescueza:

You can click on the artist name and see more of his/her portfolio.

Check it out, get those creative juices flowing and spilling out all over your Moleskine (or whatever journal you use).

Sir Bowie "Doodle Dumb" of Greenbriar

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