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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More Holy Wars

As of late I have been often reminded by current events, discussions and correspondence about how convenient it is to characterise those you disagree with as ignorant, stupid, f@@ked up, etc. In effect we create "Holy Wars" out of almost anything you can agree to disagree with.

In the Spirit of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale to Coexist with those we don't necessarily agree with, a basic tenant of Unity through Diversity, it is our job to look for the common ground we can
build on together, not a blade of grass that we decide to spill blood and mental anguish over.

That is why I like where Obama is coming from this political season. In his acceptance speech he spoke about how we could find this common ground on which to build a better nation, better people and a better world. Unlike the current "Hawks" who believe such a position shows weakness, it takes great strength of character to move beyond what has always been.

I'm reminded of a poem I wrote in college during the Iranian Hostage Crisis titled, "No More Holy Wars". It sadly still rings true today.


Think about your fellow man
You'll begin to understand
That underneath his skin
Beats a heart like yours and mine

Locked inside your enemies mind
There's a spark of hope for love
Now is the time for mankind
To bring about peace of mind

No more holy wars

Of course it takes 2 to tango, or in our case today 195! There are 195 sovereign nations who make up the world today. Can 195 hearts beat as one? To quote Obama, "Yes, We Can!"

Sir Hook the Beating Heart of Warrick


  1. Well written, Sir Hook.

    Perhaps we should launch an offensive Whole-y War -- an all-out war to try to make us all whole, peaceful, loving...

    Sir Bowie

  2. Yeah Peace Man... fully agree..even tho I am a Knight...i ain't one of those Crusading Knights no not me sireee... well crusading for peace mebbe..but not fer lopping off Sarcens heads..
    Anyway anyone with sense knows that "holy wars" are an outdated way of winning vast tracts of land and populations over... and millitary Might is the quickest way to start a fight... no...seems the japanese learned the lesson... and the Chinese followed suit...they put all their money and man power into peaceful technology and inventions and make them.... and drain the west of their manufacturing power while getting them hooked on cheap goods and cars, then build up their own countrys with the profits, till one day they call the shots.

    Of course they'll watch and smile while the West ties up all its armed forces and any money it has left , reacting like headless chickens to a One off Catalyst Jihadist attack on 9/11 and sit back as we wither on the vine and grow soft with our consumerism.

    Sir Dayvd ( the bleeding heart living in his, and getting soft too... ) of Oxfordshire...