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Monday, September 22, 2008

Only One!

Here's something to do and THINK about the next time you pick up a glass of your favorite ale, take a sip, and put it down: Take a long look at your fingerprints on the glass.

Genetically, you are unique. No one has ever had your exact genetic makeup. Your DNA, the genetic blueprint in each of your cells, is as unique as your fingerprint.

Of course, we're also shaped and molded by our life-experiences. Where we've live, whom we've interacted with, what we've learned... all contribute to our uniqueness.

Like ales and lagers, each of us offers something unique. It's up to us to take maximum advantage of our unique skills and talents to provide the greatest service to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

So, take another sip, examine your unique fingerprint, and ask yourself What's my unique destiny? Start filling that Moleskine today with your wonderfully unique ideas -- then go forth and conquer your destiny.

"Destiny is not something we wait for. Destiny is not something that happens to us. Destiny is a choice, and we can choose to be the people (Knights) we want to be." -- Walter Anderson

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


  1. Yay of the best blogs yet... precise and to the it.. Where'd ya get the picture from?. I like that too...

    sir Dayvd...( tipping his hat to Sir Bowie who is setting the bar ever higher...) of Oxfordshire

  2. Do not fear your not fear your destiny!