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Sunday, September 21, 2008

SIR Brit on the Ohio

After our spirited blogging yesterday I decided to jaunt down by the Ohio River a few "Yards" from my humble home to take in some foreign relations. (By the way did you know that Sarah Palin didn't get a passport or travel outside the country until 2007 when she decided to visit some Alaskan National Guard members in Kuwait and Germany? Now, that's experience!) Sorry, I lost track of my story. The last Sunday in September always features the SIR BRIT car show on the banks of the Ohio in our little village of Newburgh.

That's right! We have more foreign experience in Newburgh than you might think! We even have a sister city in Newburgh, England, and we're relatively old (I know that gets to Sir Dayvd) being founded in 1803. As we like to say, we are "The Best Town By a Dam Site"!

Unfortunately this year's show was not as well attended by car owners. I suspect that's because of the economy and they either didn't want to spend the money in gas to drive here, or they don't own their cars anymore. Hard to say, but there were still plenty of beauties like this bright red MG against the Ohio. By the way, that's the foreign country of Kentucky in the background. Do you know what a Kentuckian thinks Roe vs. Wade means? An argument about how to cross the Ohio River! LOL! (Sorry, Lady Suzanne...a native Kentuckian...I also carried its citizenship during my college days.) Speaking of Kentucky, in Louisville it appears that the US just might kick some European Ass in the Ryder Cup. (Sorry, Sir Dayvd) It's about the only thing we're doing right this week.

Here's another MG. Can you tell I like the old MG's?! The bend in the river heads towards Evansville. Just about a half mile down is the Abchier Ice House Pub where I down those 3 Floyd Ales!

Here's the interior of a red MG. Beautiful! If you've never driven a car sitting on the left side and down the left side of the road you haven't really lived yet! I've had the privilege to do so in England, Bermuda and Tortuga BWI. (I told you I've had plenty of foreign experience.) I'm not quite sure how the British came up with the lefty system, or why we went rightly (Perhaps it is a mirror of our countries political leanings?), but I am sure that Sir Dayvd will be able to educate us on this subject later.

So, here's to another Red, White and Blue! I'm proud to wave the British Flag on my shores and know that we have friends from the Mother of all Countries and the 51st State!

Sir Hook the Brit Loving MG Lusting Pirate of Warrick


  1. A lot of works of art out there.

    If it weren't so hard to find parts here in the states, I would have bought my brother's Spitfire.

    Though, I always was a TR6 fan.

    Sir Bowie "Still loving my '64 Buick and '55 Willys M38A1" of Greenbrair

  2. Awwww thats sweet... Good to see the "jack" flying once again in America... I'm not sure but i'm guessing us Brits never did get that far west. Seeing as we are never more than 100 miles from a coast here, I guess we would never go that far inland :))

    Cool to see the MG's sittin' in the Sun.. As I outlined in the KMSA blog of December 13th 2007 The MG factory was only 5 miles from Oxford, in the town of Abingdon where i was born. So I have a soft spot for the old roadsters. I owned an MGBGT at one drove like a plank, but it was once a cool car to have here. An E Type Jag is still cool.

    We have the steering wheel on the right hand side and drive on the left, just in case you are getting mixed up Hooky. I think its only us and the Swedish people who still do.

    I'd hate to burst any bubbles over there...but to be honest the word City re: Newburgh UK might be pushing it a bit.. At first i couldn't find anywhere by that name.. then a tiny village in Lancashire seems to be the best bet in England.,_Lancashire

    thats the link above. it only has 1800 inhabitants.

    there is another smaller Village on the Aberdeen coast in Scotland
    Newburgh on Ythan ...

    but anyway the sign looks real sweet...and maybe letting sleeping dogs lie....means people remain blissfully happy..:)),_Aberdeenshire

    the other link.

    actually the wikipedia site of your place looks interesting too :)),_Indiana

    Looking at that sign of yours again..hooky...i see a coat of arms next to the english any chance you could do a close up photo of both those coats of arms would be great to see them and work out whats on them for you..

    Thanks for sharing the pictures tho... Nice views up the big ol' bendy river... and i love that Black MG. very nice.

    BTW you are winning the Golf as i we are getting spanked ourselves... The Yanks are playing very well....but you never know........ its not over till its over in golf...

    Sir Dayvd

  3. I enjoyed looking at your photos of the MG’s, but I couldn’t help but notice that the British Union Flag in the bottom photo is back-to-front.

    The two thick diagonal white lines on the left side of the flag should be above the thinner red diagonal lines. Whereas the two thick diagonal white lines on the right side of the flag should be below the thinner red diagonal lines.

    Brett Hughes

  4. heh....well spotted Sir Brett... We try not to tell the colonials our secret code, so when we next meet them on the road, or in battle, pretending to be British, we'll know they are imposters.
    I'm still telling them that MG stands for My God!!!!

    Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire.

  5. Hello there Sir Dayvd. I do belive that flying the British Union Flag back-to-front was in fact a 'secret code' (as used by the Britsh military) as you pointed out.

    So MG stands for My God!!!! ??

    Is it true that the British beer called “Old Speckled Hen” (& brewed in Oxford) was named after an old MG car used at the MG factory?


  6. Hi sir Brett... You'll have to watch out for my waggish Brit sense of humor. MG Cars got its name from Morris Garages, a dealer of Morris cars in Oxford which began producing its own customised versions to the designs of Cecil Kimber, who had joined the company as its sales manager in 1921.

    The Old Speckled Hen was indeed a company vehicle for Morris Garages. Sir Hook wrote a blog about it on the original KMSA blog on 13th December 2007, to which i added some inforamtion that should help you, if you google more research.
    the KMSA link is:

    Scroll down the page to the 13th. If you need anymore information about the UK and the history here, feel free to ask me.

    Good Hunting. Sir D