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Friday, January 9, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

Borrowing a phrase from one of my comedic idols, Monty Python, I thought is was time to bring us all down to the basic human elements. (See my comments on yesterday's excellent blog) The ones that cause us to think that we are less than Divine.

Element #1: SEX

Element #2: Bathroom Humor

Both are "SINLESS" as long as they are not used to harm or manipulate another human. Both are functions that God intended for us to use and enjoy. Both are sources of utter confusion and disdain with many of the worlds "Organized Religions". Both are completely human...and therefore divine.

The picture above brings these two great pillars of society together perfectly. I only have two questions. Which picture would you be drawn to? How would a women's bathroom look?

Sir Hook the Dirty Vicar of Warrick


  1. I thought you were going to say that picture was the inside of an American Brewery LOL....

    D of O

  2. We have a saying here in the UK:

    "It's only a Sin if you smile while you are doing it"

    D of O

  3. according to a book I read recently there are 3 main needs:

    the order may vary ; )

    one item in an ideal woman's bathroom would be the carnival type mirrors that make you look tall and thin!

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar,
    who is just getting home after working out at the gym

  4. I smile a lot, so I must sin a lot according to UK standards! Is that where you get the "stiff upper lip"?

    I always put appreciation before food and after sex...but I will take sex over food anytime! (within reason, like right before dinner)

    Sir Hook the Smiling Yet Appreciative Dirty Vicar of Warrick

  5. You could of course be more Time Efficient and be like Kim and Micky in "9 and a Half Weeks".

    ....and also there'll be no plates and saucepans to wash up.


  6. I spent about 30 seconds trying to think of what would be above the urinals in the women's room... And then the obvious occurred to me!... Not too smart, eh?

    Now tell us more about the picture. Where is it?

  7. Sex as food...what's for desert?

    The bathroom is in a New York city design firm called Edge Designs, which is owned and operated by all females.

    And they say that don't laugh at farts! The other thing is, we'll never see the inside of their bathroom.

    Sir Hook Keeping the Comments Coming from 80 Different Religious Points of View of Warrick

  8. Sir D, we definitely are watching the same movies-that's two in a row-

    win/win situation: cake, chocolate and you get to work off the calories at the same time!

    and why do you say that you wouldn't see the inside of the bathrooms??

    don't like waiting in line, huh?

    Lady Suzanne

  9. Lady S.. are you getting your D's mixed up?.. or 3D's :))

    the last one was Hooky... LOL..

    Too much Chocolate does that to you...

    As for Desert:??... i can think of several....but we Brits are gentlemen...

    Anyway Sir Hook... just thumbing thru a few Psychology Books here see if i can find any accounting for your serial fascination with Urinals... These blogs are a window into your mind...and i've counted at least four (cracked) Urinal Windows into yours LOL...

    ahhhh here we are... oh, really? oh dear... I better get Customs to search your bags before you are let into the UK.... we can't have that sort of thing going on, on our island LOL...

    Sir Dayvd
    ( He don' plant taters,
    He don't plant cotton,
    An' dem dat plants'em
    is soon forgotten,
    But ol'man river,
    He jes keeps rollin'along.)
    of Oxfordshire

  10. There aren't enough Pshyc books written to figure me out!

    I stand innocent of being the first Founding Father to publish on a urinal.

    Sir Bowie has that honor with the blog, Inventive, May 27, 2008.

    Need I remind a certain British Founding Father that he also introduce the urinal into our blog before me?! Not once but twice...

    Space Toliets: the Final Frontier, May 30, 2008. Room With a View, July 18, 2008.

    I will accept; however, that I have published the most urinal related blogs. Actually 10, counting today's.

    Sir Hook the Pisser of Warrick

  11. Fair Point well made... Sir Hook... but shy innocent that i was ... i was feeling my way with the FF Hook humor and i wanted to please i threw juicy Items that would please the man in robes so far away..

    Now i'm Mr Intellectual Ecletic,.. LOL... you get the Bookish stuff from me.... .. I'll have to drop down a couple of rungs and see if i can find some more Brit toilet stuff for you....can't have you in there on your own can we..

    just thought i'd say i have a lovely Pint of Champions McEwens chugging away here this fine evening....yummmyyyy

    Sir D...( still worried about the camera and the Mirrors tho... ) of Oxfordshire

  12. That would be GRAND! Can't wait to share a lovely Pint of Champions McEwens with you soon!

    I've been importing draft cans of Old Speckled Hen from my driving trips to Columbus, OH. Can only get the bottles here, and the Pub Can is so much more tasty!

    Makes me want to go take a piss!

    Sir Hook Who's Watching Every Move Through Cameras & Mirrors of Warrick