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Monday, January 19, 2009

It Works! The Hooky Natural Selection Playoff Poll Pays Off!

It works! The Hooky Natural Selection Playoff Poll upsets the pundits and proves itself 100% accurate in determining the Super Bowl match up for February 1st!

Let's recap who brought us here:

Cardinal Fang...Cardinal Girl...and the Cardinal!

Steeler Man...Steeler Girl...and Big Ben's Cottage Cheese!

Now we have to wait until February 1st to determine if the Hooky Natural Selection Playoff Poll goes the distance with the selection of the Cardinals as the 2009 Super Bowl Champions.

As Sir D says, you can't argue science!

(The Hooky Natural Selection Committee)

Sir Hook the Monkey's Uncle & Wise Guy of Warrick


  1. adda boy, keep your hopes up LOL

    ...... where i said "It is Written" it just said PA on the tablet of stone..., so i figure he must have meant Pittsburgh then, woohooo

    The fat finger from the sky just stubbed at the Keystone State when he was asked. LOL


  2. As a wiser man than me once told me, "You might have big plans, but God has a bigger eraser!"

    Now the interesting thing is, those who don't believe in, or who aren't quite sure about the existence of the "fat finger in the sky" suddenly blame him for their loss! How original!!! LOL!

    If he's "big enough" to blame, he's "big enough" to believe in!

    Just like the Hooky Natural Selection Playoff got to believe to receive! Just ask my committee!

    Sir Hook the Really Wise Guy of Warrick

  3. I'm guessing "dog" if he is up there, is up to his armpits in war, pestilence and keeping barack alive for a few weeks.. and the SB is pretty lo-down on his to do ..difficult to read this carving on this tablet of stone... lemme see here...blah blah blah " 2/1/09 " blah "superbowl winners" blah.blah blah ..can't read that bit..then "PA"... hmm that might be "Ste......" in there..nah its not a C....

    ah me....great fun ..( wipes tears from eyes )

    Sir Dayvd ( enjoying tweeking Hookys tail ) of Oxenford

  4. Congrats, Sir Hook.

    Now, I assume that you bet the ranch on your picks, which means that you have the resources now to open the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit, and Ale Sports Bar and Grill!

    My resume? My first real job was as a dishwasher at Bonanza Steak House.

    We'll see if the Cardinals perch on the Steelers and poop all over their their beams.

    Sir Bowie "I'll tell you on Feb. 2nd who I picked" of Greenbriar

  5. Sorry to inform Sir Bowie that I didn't invent the Hooky Natural Selection Playoff Poll until yesterday morning at 6:30am. Nothing better to do! It didn't occur to me to put my money where my mouth is?!

    That said, I did send a link to the blog to Boomer at ESPN. I thought they might enjoy looking at a new way to correctly pick winners! We'll see if they want to bark up that tree.

    Sir D of blah, blah, blah is apparently thinking about starting a new special forces unit of the KMSA. Instead of calling it the Knights of Ni its called the Knights of Tweaks! (Don't confuse that with the Knights of Twits, which are closely associated with the School of Silly Walks and the Dimsdale Brothers!)

    Sir Hook Who's "Dog" Still Hunts of Warrick

    P.S. Now will someone write something productive, like how it's King's Day at KMSA and celebrating Martin Luther King's dream come true tomorrow!

  6. Yeah, right on Hooky you tell em......Come on you Americans.....theres no MLK day in the UK...and our Queen is sat tight till she no Coronation going on, so its just an normal Monday..( well okay as an island we are just about go bankrupt but other than that ).

    You've got all the happening stuff....Whats happening in the New World... the UK needs to know ..... are there going to be parties in the street like we have when we get a new King? Any big Parades??

    Other than that Hooky, get my New Feature up, much fun as pulling your tail is.......lets get some serious surfin' done...

    Sir Dayvd ( enlighting not fighting ) of Oxenford

  7. Other than all the news coverage you can handle and some movie theaters selling tickets to see the swearing in live on the big screen, nothing unusual in the Midwest anyway.

    They did have a big party and concert at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday, which is aired on HBO. Lot's of American musicians (except for Bono and U2, but they're almost American now!) sharing their thoughts and music, and Barack gave a speech. I haven't seen it yet, I DVR'd it last night and decided to watch football instead.

    I'm looking out for the burning crosses tomorrow!

    Sir Hook the Hopeful of Warrick