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Friday, January 23, 2009

A quick gulp!

Miller to show one-second ads during the Superbowl Call it subliminal advertising that's not really meant to subliminal -- just cheap. Miller High Life and its lovable oaf of a spokesperson/beer-carrier Windell Middlebrooks will advertise in one-second bursts during the Super Bowl.

A normal 30-second spot costs a cool $3 million during the Super Bowl, making the one-second ads a still-outrageous $100,000.

The idea is not original. A band submitted a one-second Superbowl ad last year but was denied. Also, the ads will only be played in 25 markets due to an agreement with Anheuser-Busch that makes it the only brewer able to advertise nationally. It's not clear whether Kansas City is one of those 25 markets (The only two confirmed cities are St. Louis and Milwaukee, for obvious reasons.)

Even if you miss the commercials on the television, they'll be available at Miller's specially designed Web site, which has put up several of the ads that didn't make the cut -- including Middlebrooks saying "one Mississippi" and another where he sings a one-second clip of the National Anthem.

Last year, Miller had Middlebrooks riff on other ads from the Superbowl. Choice lines included "If I want flavored water, I'd suck a lollipop" and "If you're looking for work, it helps if you're a lizard."

1 comment:

  1. Hey...being in the ad business, we can figure out how to sell anything!

    Let's hope this doesn't catch on at our local stations because, aside from the obvious traffic issues and operator errors..make goods, etc., everyone's head will explode!

    Besides, if you want flavored water, drink a Miller High Life!

    Sir Hook the Blipfurp of Warrick