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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday was a perfectly clear day to meet up with a group of like-minded men, step back in time, and shoot muzzle loading rifles. Despite the 20 degree weather, it was great to get back to nature and make some smoke! (Paper targets only. No animals were killed or injured in the making of this post).

While home and thawing out, I read Sir Dayvd's blog (dubbed by Sir Hook, "Knight Time). It made me realize that I needed to pick another book off the shelf to start. I choose Pioneer America, It's First Three Centuries (Carl Drepperd, 1949). The first chapter alone is full of insightful and colorful ideas.

First, the meaning of the term "pioneer." (It turns out that these are also great Knights of MSA qualities):

"To be a pioneer is to have a certain state of mind that can be characterized as full of faith (migrating to the unknown). To be a pioneer is t0 be at liberty to indulge in constructive contemplation. And to be a pioneer one must have freedom of action; freedom to do. Thus to be a pioneer is to have, to be, and to do."

The handmaiden of faith is the willingness to "wander through the mysterious, unfathomable repositories of possible things... The epitomization of American success can well be stated thus: We have delved deeper into the cosmic mine of possible things, and the spade we have used is faith."

Today, it seems to me, too many people have lost their pioneer spirit and are looking to the government to provide for their needs. Is it that they have lost faith in themselves?

There is a pioneer lesson here -- especially today in this challenging economic time: The secret is common wealth creation where all people share (this is NOT done by government mints). The pioneer formula for success is the conversion of a luxury into a staple. Think about it, every staple that we use today, started life as a luxury. It was those artisans who created ways of turning the luxuries of the day into stapes (for the common good of all people) who created wealth.

Yes, we each have the inalienable right to possess the pioneering state of mind. You have the right to delve into the "unfathomable repository of all possible things."

Sir Bowie "endeavoring to be a pioneer" of Greenbriar


  1. When the Electric finally goes out.... and the oil...we'll all have to become healthy, rufty tufty pioneers overnight.. its only because everything is laid on a plate and is nice and warm and cosy that I've gone soft...

    To be honest I suspect a bit of enforced hardship would bring out the best in me...make me more community minded, heartier, better spirited.... I can tramp the hills as i did yesterday, a day at a time... but it was nice to get back home for a cup of tea and a snooze on a big soft bed LOL...

    ahhh the flesh is willing but the Spirit is weak.. is that the saying???

    a short hand for which is I'm off to shower and get ready to go out to a Burn's night dinner round at a Scottish pals house... where it will be Taties and Neeps and a wee haggis and a few drams of the water of life...

    Sir Dayvd ( embracing every nation if there is a party involved ) of Oxfordshire.

  2. A beautiful blog! "The handmaiden of faith is the willingness to wander through the mysterious, unfathomable repositories of possible things." That's some beautiful language and an awesome thought!

    While I agree in the need to revive "the pioneer spirit", I also realize that the "pioneer spirit" was not possible without the help of government. It's an age old "bargument" that is as as old as this pioneer country of ours.

    No government charters, no new world. No land grants, no pioneers. No patents, no making wealth out of creating a staple out of a luxury.

    It's an art that we as a nation, culture, a species have forgotten how to manage. The art of moderation! If you will, Unity through Diversity! You can error on the side of no government just as much as having too much government. We need the spirit of both elements to work, to succeed!

    I'm not sure when "government" became a dirty word?! Why wouldn't a nation want a strong government?! Why wouldn't a strong government want strong independent individuals to help "pioneer" the way?!

    A house divided cannot stand! There's the rub in my estimation. Thus, our falling house of cards. It's like the moderate middle has been pulled to a thin thread by the forces of the "left" and the "right". If that thread breaks the moderates get trampled by the ignorant opposing factions as they beat each other to a pulp with what's left of their ropes!

    That's why I'm buying into Obama's Hope! Working both sides to bring about common good! No more finger pointing. If it doesn't work, both sides are to blame, not just the liberals or the conservatives. They both buy into the solution, they both reap the rewards or sorrows.

    As I stated earlier last year, the Silent Majority, the Moderates of this world of which I'm a proud member, have a voice now!

    Good job, Sir Dayvd on celebrating Burn's night! It's an official KMSA feast day, and you're the only one who remember to do something. Of course, it's more fresh in the minds of our brothern across the pond!

    Sir Hook Who's Endeavoring to Be A Pioneer Too of Warrick

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  4. Yup .... i could see Barack using the last five paragraphs as a Speech... Wouldn't that be something.... Bowie the Knight Speech Writer.... ( he is a poet and he should know it :))