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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Give You The Gold Finger!

Above is evidence of my ring finger being significantly longer than my index finger
. I found it most interesting after watching Good Morning America, who reported a recent study by the National Academy of Science that stated that men who's ring finger was significantly longer than their index finger showed higher rates of testosterone than other males.

They also found that these same men where more comfortable in taking risks, supremely confident in themselves and their abilities, and more aggressive. In the business world this translated into higher incomes. In the sports world this translated into a more successful career. In the bedroom...well, you get my finger...I mean my point!

The study concluded that these men were exposed to higher levels of prenatal testosterone,
that hormones actually play a huge role in the market place, and that the body and mind work together and that the body influences economic life.

So, how do you measure up my fellow knights? My guess is that we all have "Long Ring Fingers"!

Sir Hook the Aggressively Confident Goldfinger Risk Taker of Warrick


  1. Well, I'm afraid that my ring finger is NOT longer than my index finger. Well, a little longer on the hand where I cut part of my index finger in a table saw accident.

    Sir Bowie " lower testosterone explains a lot of things" of Greenbriar

  2. Bad luck bowster.. luckily i can give that research the finger too, while taking Sylvester Stallone on over 12 rounds.. but they don't seemed to say, What levels the not long ring finger hormones take...

    I mean what are they saying here,... that my friend Bowie could get a part in Will and Grace??/

    Sir Dayvd ( always willing to give a hand ) of Oxfordshire

  3. So Sorry Sir Bowie! Just stand behind me in the battle line and you'll be ok :)LOL!

    I must admit that there is a little more information to be shared about this study. Apparently all Wall Street traders and Professional Athletes have the "finger", which explains the aggressive and balls to the wall trading that got us into this financial mess and why so many Sports figures think their above the law and participate in Dog Fighting, Raping, Gun Fights outside strip clubs, etc. It appears that being supremely confident in yourself also has a very interesting side effect called "Stupidity"!

    As Sir Bowie proclaims, that explains a lot. While I have had many successful and adventurous events in my life, I have also completed some real "hum dingers" as they say in Southern Illinois, my homeland.

    Sir Hook Who's Working on His Brain While Keeping His Finger Extended of Warrick

  4. :)) Wall Street Eh??? Sounds like the "Ring" in Long Ring Finger in America has two meanings. the one the owners are often asked to go and sit on, and swivel.

    Sir Dayvd ( Lets get Digital..) of Oxen-Ford

  5. Never paid any attention to this but yes.

    -- Sir Richard (the skeptical) of Montreal

  6. My Long Finger is Okay...but much happier i have opposable thumbs so that i can pick up my beer.


  7. I heard a similar story to this, but it was about identifying male prostitutes (dressed as women) in Thailand (or some such place). Of course this was on the Bob & Tom Show. In any event, I, like Sir Bowie of Volunteerism, have only a slightly longer ring finger. I like to think it means I am more balanced, in an unbalanced mind.

    Sir James "of rationalizations" Taylor