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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boxing in High Heels

Now, before I proceed forward with this blog, I want to preface that I know that I'm about to trample all over sacred ground; however, as I so like to say, "We've discovered the sacred cow. Now, the question is, are we going to have steak or not?"

Don't get me wrong ladies, I love you dearly! In fact, too dearly! But being sexist is not exclusive to the male of our species. It appears to me that if the females of our world want to be treated as equals, then the same courtesy should be extended to us knuckle dragging males.

I started thinking about this when I heard a very appropriate comment about how Sarah Palin has "taken the gloves off", meaning she's ready to fight to the bloody end, and has "put on the high heels." What a minute! Not fair! We males do not get to put anything else on when we "take the gloves off."

I don't know how many times I have been accused by females in past business dealings of being part of the "Good Ole Boys Club". Well, how about the "Good Ole Girls Club"?

I can think of many occasions when I was trying to do business with "females only" and I was given the same condescending, ass kicking, sexist treatment that they so like to complain about, just because I was a man. And if, after attacking me, I tried to respond aggressively in an appropriate business negotiation fashion, I was all the sudden a cave dwelling twit not worthy enough to lick their naughty bits as they flaunted them in my face with that half snarl...half come hither look that only a woman "in heels" can pull off. Who is using who?

No! If you get to hide behind those stiletto heels, the ones that can pierce a man's brain in seconds, I get to wield a stiletto knife in defense. (Trying very "hard" not to be Freudian in this analogy!) So ladies, with all do respect, when you're ready to fight fair, remember that when you take off the gloves you have to take off the heels too. No matter how you try to dress it up, that dog won't hunt!

Sir Hook the Suddenly Celibate Warrior of Warrick

P.S. I will be licking my wounds while boxing in heels and making a Pub Crawl in Ohio the rest of the week. Stay tuned for my report on Sunday.


  1. Sir Hook,

    I think I'll approach this post with kid gloves.

    I would like to see what your psychologist was doodling in his or her notebook when you went on this rant.

    Sir Bowie

  2. LOL way to go hooky.. thats one hotel room by yourself too many.

    Have you not learned at your age yet?:)) the female of the species is more deadly than the male...

    Give up now you'll never win...

    D of O

  3. What can I say...I'm a slow learner. I'm also a very stubborn warrior. And finally, I'm right! But, that and a session with my therapist still gets me nowhere. Oh well, who said "all is fair in love and war?"Ce la vie!