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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life's A Long Song and Various Movements of the Hobo Soul

All the muse of Scotland, Hobo's and what I call the "Power Season"...FALL, has got this errant Knight running errands to find his Hobo Mojo, that lost soul that revels in nature's music and lessons.

Nothing quite personifies that spirit to me as the Scottish born, UK bread, Southwest England living (home of my ancestors) Minstrel in the Gallery...Ian Anderson, and of course his music through the band of all bands...Jethro Tull. Give me a fire at midnight and a cup of cheer while listening to his music, wit and general unique spirit under a star lit fall evening, and
I'll give you a portrait of heaven for me!

I realized how far away my soul as strayed when commenting on Lady Delanie's post I quoted the title of one of my favorite Tull songs and got it wrong. It's "Life is a Long Song", not life is a short song as I wrote. Shows where my head's been lately. Getting sucked into all the negativity of the economy, election, etc. I woke up this morning to find my head firmly planted up my arse! It's dark in there. Time to lighten up!

No, my friends (no reference to a certain politician with his head up his arse), Life is a Long Song, and as it further states, "If you wait to play it, you'll play it out of tune." Time to tune up!

So, Lady Allwinky and her Hobo with Mojo are loading the metal camel for a trek up to Brown County, Indiana to take in two crisp and cool sunny fall days surrounded by the colors of nature, good food, great beer and great fun...listening to Tull all the way! Life's a Long Song and I'm Ready to Play it in Tune!

Speaking of Hobo's with Mojo...I present to you the hosts of NightLife on WKMS, that 100,000 WATT power house that sets in the middle of Murray State University's campus. This picture was taken in 1978. That's me on the left and Lars on the right. (Kind of looks like Ian Anderson here) Note: The funny lines around our heads are from esacto knives, where we cut our heads out of this picture to create another one using our heads. This was way before the days of Photoshop!

Lars, aka Larry Lewis, aka Sir Lars of Harpslips floats in and out of my life like the true Hobo he is. We met while we served as managers of the city pool in Fairfield, Illinois in 1974 (Yes, he was part of that earlier story of the nude diving contest). I first met Lars when I showed up to the pool to get it ready for another season and he was inside getting shaggy with a girl in the ladies locker room on top of a bunch of boat cushions. We became fast and long friends since.

We were room mates in college, co-hosts of the area's most popular radio show and road manager of my band Barbary Hawk. It was during our college radio show that I developed my full rounded appreciation of music. The studio's were located on the top floor of the Fine Art's building, where we would sling out a backpack that held a fifth of whiskey and a one-shot pipe to get us in the mood throughout the night.

After college, Lars went to Wyoming to be a ski instructor and weekend weather man. I came to Evansville to work in broadcasting. Just one short year later, Lars came back to work at a TV Station in Southern Illinois, where we would meet at the Garden of the Gods and camp out listening to Tull music. Later, Lars moved back to Evansville where we once again became roommates. He joined me on my trip to Jamaica where I met Lady Allwinky and later on the three of us did our impression of "Three's Company".

Lars was my best man in my wedding, as I was his. I grew up to become the business man I am, while Lars could never let go of his Hobo Spirit. He lived in Jamaica for a while, worked the race track circuit, joined a sailing crew and generally floated in and out of my life for many years, usually when he needed bailing him out of jail one Christmas Eve and paying off all his debts so that he would be free, buying back his Grandfather's 1920 Martin D-20 from the pawn shop three times and buying him tickets to Jamaica.

Well, Thursday night Lars showed up again, running camera while I was being interviewed at a fund raiser for March of Dimes. He's back in town as a camera man for the FOX station. It was grand to see him again, still looking like just an older version of the picture earlier. We always get interesting looks as we hook up for lunch, Lars wearing a Rasta hat, red converse tennis shoes and 3 day old clothes, while I'm in my suit. But, we are brother's! A bond that can not be broken. And I have to admit, there are times that I'm not sure if he's the one that is more successful?! We are Unity through Diversity.

Reminds me of another Tull song were Ian sings, "I'm going back to the ones who know me, where I can be who I want to be."


Sir Hook the Hobo with Mojo of Warrick


  1. Good post Sir Hook. I am blessed to have several friends who drift in and out of my life. The thing that always amazes me is that we are always able to pick up right where we left off as if we saw each other the day before.

    I think that there is just such a stong link made earlier, and I am not sure how or why it happens, I am just very thankful that those relationships are there.

    Sir Richard

  2. I remember your wedding : )

    friends come in and out, back and forth in our lives,
    there are
    the ones that we pick up ongoing conversations easily whether it's been 2 weeks or 2 years since we were last together

    and those that are there for a season, a purpose, and then move on

    one sadness of leaving my home town for college and beyond, was the loss of many of those friendships as we all married and started families and got too busy to keep in touch

    there are some childhood friends that fall into the "always there, always connected" category of which I am very grateful

    and there are valued friends here in my adopted Hoosier home!

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

  3. Great story....made me smile and remember old times...

  4. I, too, have a friend that drifts in and out of my life -- more like storms into my life like a hurricane.

    I hate half of what he does, but can't stop loving him as my best friend. Strange.

    Life is a long song, "but the tune ends too soon for us all."

    Carpe diem

    Sir Bowie