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Monday, October 20, 2008

So, to design or not to design...

Ah, my first post in the Knighthood...hello all, I'm Lady Delanie, aka Lost in Scotland over at Flickr. I've been the quiet one in the Great Hall, sitting in the corner, near the grand hearth, sipping ale or cider, writing, drawing and just listening. Yet, today for some reason, I have something to say. Well, show.

I've been doodling in my Moleskine, contemplating my own little corner of the keep. I have livedin about 750 square feet in the a small space in Glasgow (a not verra nice tall cement tower) till about 2 years ago and now take up just a little over 1000 square feet here in the newest abode here in Illinois. It is not that I want to move out of the Castle but well, there is always this itch to have a space of ones own. We could always use a bit more light. So, I give you my latest drawing. I did this the other night while waiting for my fare to finish cooking and watching the Penn State football warriors battle those from our rivals, Michigan.

It is patterned after our Norse neighbors and their Langhus. It has a modern twist of glass with wood or, the newest invention, steel timbers. It is a bit more on square footage about 1200-1400 square feet (that is an estimate). I think I could build this for $50,000.

Hence, I wanted to just let you know...what I've been drawing, doodling in my Moleskine beside the usual story, poetry or mind map.

Hope all are well...


  1. Yippee another voice. and i love the posts.. There you go Hooky...i'm not pulling your chain about pub life here... Sorry Lady Allwinky youre going to have to move to the UK..:))

    So what is it with all these folk who arent from PA following Penn State?? are you a Nittany too Lady Delanie???

    Things are looking up... :))

    Sir dayvd of Oxfordshire

  2. Good to hear from you Lady Delanie! We welcome you with open arms and a hearty toast! You'll have to let us know when you build your long house and we'll come to help celebrate.

    Yes, the men wear kilts at The Pub. It's in Cincinnati, Ohio, worth a drive from Illinois. Penn State is kicking Arse. I'll be making a pilgrimage to McGrath's Pub in Harrisburg in about 4 weeks.

    Please don't wait another year to publish with us. You're a welcome voice with the Trinity of Founding Fathers.

    A shout out to Sir Dayvd, I have already informed Lady Allwinky that a move to Oxford could be grand!

  3. Dreams are the perfect use for Moleskines.

    Thoughts. Words (sketches and posts on Knights of MSA). Now, the DEED.

    Good luck. Can't wait for the Open House.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  4. Oh..I am from Pennsylvania originally (and a Penn State Alum twice over)...but have lived in 5 different states...and Scotland...