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Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Day and An Open Heart on the Day of the Dead

Today is the Knight's of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale Feast Day: All Hallows Day. Another day that the Christians borrowed (or took) from the Pagan's to celebrate good over evil. This was the day that evil spirit's would roam the world. The Viking culture would pray to their heroes to come back to combat this evil.Today is also the 6th Anniversary of my Open Heart Surgery. It was, and still remains a "Hallowed Day" for me and my family.

I'll never forget being wheeled into the operating room feeling a bizarre blend of fascination, fear, peace, determination, surrender, despair and hope. No stranger to death in the past, this was a new frontier for me, being literally filleted, spread open and exposed as never before.

Surrounded by surgeons, nurses, surgery techs, lights, IV's, machinery (especially the lung-heart machine for my bypass to keep me alive) and coolers for my organs in case I didn't survive (I'm an organ donor, which has now taken on a whole new meaning for me.), I felt like I had been wheeled into Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. It truly was a Halloween to remember!

It is at these times you discover who you are and what you really believe. Tested to the ultimate limit, I felt a strange peace come over me as a lay prostrate before those who will soon saw through my breast bone, spread my chest open and grab my heart. They were performing Open Heart, what they didn't realize was, they were also playing a part in Opening my Heart.

My life and outlook on life has never been the same sense October 31, 2002. My Open Heart Surgery was the Key to Opening my Heart like never before. Facing death as a friend is a profound thing for a human to do. My faith, a faith I now embrace in a whole new dimension, became so real, so tangible, that my last thought before going under was, how bad can this be? All Soul's Day and All Saint's Day would welcome me into that next phase we all have to face some day, or I would wake up alive and renewed with my family and friends.

Today in Mexico, and in Mexican American Homes, they are celebrating the Day of the Dead. They make altars of food, drinks, memorabilia for their departed loved ones in their homes and then transfer the feast to the cemetery to commune with their loved ones. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the great mystery of life and death.

Confucius said, "Death and life have their determined appointments." Facing death, embracing death and accepting death is the key to living life with an open heart.

Sir Hook the Open Hearted of Warrick


  1. Oh, Sir Hook thank you for once again reminding us that every day we should wake up and literally thank God for another day on this earth!
    In the dark days of the last 18 months, starting with Daddy's death and all the life events to follow, I need to remember to say thank you for every day...and friends like you who help me remember...
    here's a "Pacifico" to you to honor our families' time in Mexico together!

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

  2. Death comes.
    I've learned that all too well.
    But, I believe that we need to face the Great Eastern Sun each morning with an open heart and gratitude for being given another opportunity to love and to create.

    Halloween was always one of my favorite times for my father. He so much looked forward to taking the grandkids around the neighborhood "trick-or-treating."

    Tonight will be the second year without him physically being there with us.

    He accepted death with dignity and an open heart.

    Thank you Sir Hook for today's lesson.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  3. Great post once again Sir Hook. It is plain for all to see that are regular readers of this blog that you have an open heart, and a good heart, although I am sure you were good hearted before.

    I wonder if through the opening of ones heart, one doesn't open their mind with the same type of operation sans surgical procedure. Tolerance and unity through diversity is not achieved without effort, and that is certainly one of the things I appreciate our Knight and Lady readers for. While not in agreement on everything, opinions are not only tolerated but respected.

    Halloween was a great time with my daughters, equalling Christmas or any other holiday, even in their excitement, they were close and having so much fun. A great time to have shared with them

    Sir Richard the tricked out knight of Severance.

  4. Out of habit, lived in Severance but now it should be:

    Sir Richard the tricked out knight of Windsor.