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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I read something very special the other day that got me thinking (I know, a dangerous thing) about comets.

Almost 10 years ago, NASA launched a unique spacecraft with even more unique mission. The NASA probe called American Stardust launched with something called an onboard “Cometary and Interstellar Dust Analyser (CIDA). About 5 years later this probe actually sped through the tail of a comet at 15,000 mph and collected… STARDUST!

So, NASA manages to successfully land this thing back on earth. Scientists were then able extracted particles-each much smaller than a grain of sand, sliced them up and doled them out to 50 labs around the world for analysis.

Now, here’s the amazing thing (at least to me). Some researchers have “proven” that all life on this planet had its origins in stardust. I guess these scientists said they found evidence of a co-enzyme similar to pyrroloquinoline-quinone (PQQ) that is a pre-requisite for life as we know it. Of course, I don’t have a clue what all that means.

But think about it… basically, we’re all made of the same stuff – stardust!

That makes us sort of like “comets” here on earth.

That led me to jot this in my Moleskine:

God didn’t discover comets
He created them.
We are made in Her image
So, we can choose to live dimly in fear or
Choose to create love and happiness
And shine even brighter
For ourselves and for those we love!

One more work in progress:

Out of the empty darkness
Comes a Comet
To remind us
Who we are

If even for an instant
A flash of light in time
Caressing a comet
Focused hearts sublime (stolen from Milton)

Are there oxygen masks on comets
As we fly through dark skies
Someone to assists us
Before we brighten others’ lives?

Yes, out of the darkness
Comets shine so bright
Memories that will never fade
Of their illuminating light

Comets streak into our lives
By nature, soon depart
Leaving comet dust prints
Dust prints on our hearts

Here's to all the comets in my life -- and all those who have streaked on to other heavens.

Sir Bowie "Stardust" of Greenbriar


  1. Great prose! Perhaps we should rethink the language of Lent as say, "Remember, it is from Stardust you come, and to stardust you shall return!" Thanks for being a comet in my life.

    Sir Hook the Flasher of Warrick

  2. I didn't see this one yesterday - and it was the day that I weighed and found that I had "released to the universe" 37 pounds - less Stardust to send to Heaven someday!

    secret? Mama Mia soundtrack - along with lots and lots of exercise and determination : )

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

  3. In the UK that would be just over two and a half Stone!!

    Thats a whole lotta Mama!!

    or should that be MamaMia!!!!!

    Congratulations :)))

    D of O

  4. thanks for the congrats

    on another note, Sir Bowie and I are to attend our first Guy Fawkes Night soon - the hosts will provide ales and foods but we were wondering if you have special recipes that we Yanks could take along to contribute to the party?? Help from England????

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar