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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Note Your Vote: The Presidential Campaign as Movies

However you may Note Your Vote next Tuesday (If you are a registered American voter that is.), the real winner may well be determined by the box office trends based on this year's Presidential Campaign as seen in the Movies.

First we have Superman transformed into Big "O" Man (not intended as a racist comment on anatomical genetics). Big "O" Man, starring Barack Obama cast as the Savior of the American Dream, is viewed through the eyes of the silent majority as this campaign's nominee winner! But is there a "Dark" secret that's turning the Red, White and Blue into the Black and White? Only the skin heads, red neck's and FOX News viewers know for sure! Big "O" Man is expected to do very well at the box office on Tuesday, especially with frustrated suburban white women. Right Wing Critics give it a 5 Kryptonite rating, while the Silent Majority Critics give it a Balls of Steel.

Next we have a real sleeper! (Not intended as a geriatric poke in the right eye.) A revamped stump speech of Citizen Cain, not so cleverly disguised as the same old propaganda of the self-serving...Citizen McCain. We hear mixed reviews about Citizen McCain's box office potential starring John I'll Do Whatever it Takes McCain; however, we do know that it is best viewed from the right wing of the theater. Right Wing Critics give it a It's All We Got rating, while the majority of Critics give it a 5 Geritol rating. (Note the Vote News Flash: Citizen McCain's campaign failed to realize that Viagra is today's Geritol.)

Designed to give "rise" to a "slumping" running mate and economy with massive appeal to the knuckle dragging middle class males, like Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack...Who's Nailin' Palin is expected to not necessarily over run the "Box" office (no pundit pun intended), but to do very well in hotel rooms, portable DVD players and confessionals across the country, thanks to it's real life producer Larry Flint. We think it would have potential to "Go Over the Top" if it starred the real Sarah Palin; however, the "Pole Blowers" union would "Boy"Cot. All Critics give Who's Nailin' Palin 2 Thumbs Up! (They're just not saying where.)

Finally, not to be under done by the "Box" office thriller Who's Nailin' Palin, this chilling "talk and talk and talk dirty to me" movie from the DNC starring Say it Ain't So Joe from Scranton (not intended as a derogatory comment on his speaking and speaking and speaking ability) brings Joe Biden as Joe Biden in Who's Ridin' Biden in your face as never (and hopefully never again) before! All Critics give Who's Ridin' Biden a Tongue Lashing rating. (They'll leave that rating up to your imagination.)

So there you have the movie versions for next Tuesday. Choose wisely a
nd remember to butter your popcorn, or whatever you like to put butter on!

Sir Hook the Political Entertainer and Joe the Producer of Warrick


  1. because of, or in spite of, this...

    Sir Bowie and I stood in line for 4 hours from start to finish voting on Saturday...

    some quality time together spent with some of the finer folks of our fair city

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

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