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Monday, October 13, 2008

Static Motion

Sir Bowie raised an interesting thought in his comment on yesterday's blog when he quoted Albert Einstein and his five words to mankind, "Nothing happens until something moves."

Ladies and Knights, I present a common dilemma that we face in today's hectic society, STATIC MOTION. I first discovered Static Motion during swimming lessons as a child, treading water until I thought I was going to drown. There was a lot of motion, but I was going nowhere man (tribute to one of my favorite Beatles tunes), just staying afloat until my energy gave up and my head would slip below the surface of the water.

There are still times that I spiritually tread water until my energy gives up and I drown. Yes, there's energy in the commotion and the motion, but I'm not going anywhere.

There's a great old blues tune that has been covered by among others, The Rolling Stones, The Blind Boys of Alabama and Aerosmith. Regardless of its interpretation, the song title says it all, "You Gotta Move!" More precisely, the lyrics state that, "when the Lord gets gotta move."

It reminds me of a song I wrote many moons ago after a particularly long period of Static Motion, "You Must Dance to Grow". I will share the lyrics to end this static motion again and move forward to endeavor to engage this new day:

You Must Dance to Grow

The summer is over...Autumn's winds blow
Open windows let in the cold
Out there somewhere are haunting memories

You try to fight them but they won't set you free

Feel the warm fire's glow within the hiding place in your soul
Free your spirit...let goodness flow
Life's a must dance to grow

Life's rhythm is in your soul

You must dance

Dance to grow

Sir Hook the Dancing Minstrel of Warrick


  1. Excellent Song / Poem.

    The "Life's a rhythm... you must dance to grow" reminded me of something I heard on NPR a few weeks ago. I found a brief description on the web. Might be worth a follow-up post, Sir Hook:

    Banditos is proud to announce the First Official Boston Silent Dance Experiment! You are, of course, cordially invited!

    The official details:

    Saturday February 23rd, 1pm.
    Sam Adams Statue, Faneuil Hall

    The BSDE is a silent synchronized dance party that will take place at 1pm on February 23rd by the Sam Adams statue outside of Faneuil Hall. If you want to participate, please check back our site
    ( on February 17th to download the customized Boston Dance Experiment MP3. Then merely put the song on your personal MP3 or CD player!

    Then, at 12:55 pm on Saturday, February 23rd, show up at the Sam Adams statue at Fanueil Hall. You will be able to identify your fellow Dance Experimentors because they will all be wearing sunglasses. So in order for your fellow Experimentors to identify you, you should wear sunglasses! At 1pm you'll hear an airhorn, hit play on your personal musicmaker, and get your dance on!

    For more information on what to expect, check out the amazing footage of the San Francisco Dance Experiment: http://www.improvevery...

    Exact location:

    This event depends on being synchornized, so please do try to show up early, at least 10 minutes before 1pm!

    Go get your dancing shoes!

  2. It's also possible to dance while treadmilling.

    D ( on the road ) of O