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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Davish McMadman and Fat Bastard

In celebrating new life and an open heart on All Hallows Day, I took my alter ego, Davish McMadman, and went on a Halloween Pub Crawl with my bar mate, Fat Bastard.

Armed with a shot glass sash and a bottle of Old Peculiar, this very peculiar and not quite ancient duo reeked havoc among the innocent and not so innocent of Southern Indiana.

Here's Fat Bastard enjoying a pint of Nut Brown Ale at Old Chicago. Fat Bastard kept getting his finger pulled to let go of farts and comments to the bystanders delight. Comments like, "I got a crap on deck that will choke a Donkey!" "I got bigger pieces of corn in my crap than you!" "Get in my belly!" and "I got a turtle head pokin' out!" All in all, a good time was had by all while Davish drank Fat Bastard under the table!

Here the dynamic duo are waiting to surprise unsuspecting gits in the the loo!

Aye, laddie, I'd show you whats under me kilt, but I wouldn't want to show off your girlfriend's lipstick!

Sir Hook the McMadman and Whirling Davish of Warrick

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