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Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaf Forts and...

Sir Hook's story and images yesterday reminded me of being a kid and playing in the leaves at home and at rare places like Audubon State Park (see post from a few weeks ago). One of the things we always did this time of year of build "leaf forts."

We used the innumerable amounts of leaves and the vastness of or minds (imagination) to create pioneer forts or medieval castles. There we were safe to create our lives, if just for an afternoon, in another time and place.

When was the last time you created a "leaf fort"?Photo: Unknown source, but thank you!

Leaves are like possibilities: There are more possibilities in the universe than one can imagine. One of the great laws of life is that, like leaves, there is no limit in the universe. Our minds are filled with ideas and thoughts that show us how to build and create the things -- like leaf forts -- our imagination can conceive.

Of course, the universe provides the resources, it's up to use to imagine, dream, and create our own castles. Thoughts. Words. Deeds.

Thanks again, Sir Hook, for reminding me to go back to my childhood and see beautify for what it is and what it can become when I use my imagination.

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

1 comment:

  1. ITs never too late Bowster....go on,......... create a Leaf Fort this weekend with Lady Suzanne :)

    Sir Dayvd ( rustling in the wood ) Of Oxfordshire