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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bumper Stickers

I'm not one to normally put many, if any bumper stickers on my car. Other's wear their agenda on their automobiles, as evidenced above on this truck from California. (Notice the Coexist bumper sticker, must be KMSA.)

I once saw a truck like this on one of my road trips. On the left bumper the sticker said "Abortion Kills". The right bumper sticker said, "NRA" (National Rifle Association). At least the truck in the picture above was consistent in its messages.

Today I removed my Obama bumper sticker after traversing our fair nation the past several weeks showing my support. I felt that now he's our President elect I didn't need to rub it into the oppositions face. It's my subtle way to move towards Unity through Diversity as we face many challenges, hopefully united as a country once again.

I purchased a bumper sticker a few weeks ago that says, "I'm a musician, what's your excuse?" I don't believe that I'll place it on my vehicle; however, after lunch today I saw a "Bush-Cheney 2004" bumper sticker on a jeep and I wished that I hadn't removed my Obama sticker.

What would your bumper sticker say today?

Sir Hook the Mobile Marketer of Warrick


  1. What a mess on that outfit.

    It never fails to amaze me what is referred to as a "truck". It comes down to the basic difference to country folk and city folk. City folks go to dinner in their truck, county folk go to supper in their pickup. That outfit hardly qualifies as a "truck".

    Sir Richard the country bumpkin of Windsor.

  2. So now we need to be thinking a bumper sticker for the KMSA... :))

    a Bumper sticker company over here would go bust pretty Brits don't sticker up their cars or trucks ( not many of those here either ) to any great degree (I did, to my etermal shame , have a "This car only reverses for Redheads" in the 70's, on one of my first sports cars ) but even the "Baby on Board" fad is now long gone...
    Brits like to be anonymous in their cars..:)) thats why the decal trade ( which is a tiny part of my trade ) has never really taken off here, except amongst a small amount of petrolheads.

    Also Brits don't want to dmagetheir paintwork :)

    Ah a Bush - Cheney Sticker...still selling well in Baghdad i believe.

    Sir D ( pull up to the bumper baby...) of Oxfordshire

  3. A KMSA bumper sticker....nice! We now have the removable sticker that doesn't have to be scrapped off the vehicle like in years past. I always put mine, when I rarely do, on my back windshield.

    Right now I have the South Carolina crescent moon and palmetto palm symbol (we love going to Charleston, SC) and a "Proud Parent of an Army Soldier.

  4. Sir Richard is most correct. Growing up in a small farming and oil drilling community in Southern Illinois, trucks were the modern day mules of the working class.

    I grew up where you had lunch at dinner and dinner at supper, and where you didn't drive a pickup unless you were hauling something in the bed. And by the way, we didn't need a pair of steel gonads hanging from the trailer hitch to remind us we were men!

  5. My father hated bumper stickers.
    One day he came home to find my mom put a "Snoopy for President" stick on the can and he about went through the roof. We kids were sent out to try to wash the damn thing off, but it was permanent.

    Knights bumper stick?
    Just make sure it doesn't have the "drink and be merry" on it. This might be an invitation for the law to pull us over! Just something to think about.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar