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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving: Celebrating Selfishness!

Today's post is going to have, like a Thanksgiving banquet, several courses.

First, I took Sir Dayvd's advice / comments (from yesterday's post) to heart. I went to a nice liquor store here in Evansville to purchase a “variety” pack of beer for our Thanksgiving celebration. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any offering from the “Avoid Brewery.” I did pick up a nice sample of Samuel Adams Winter Selection. It's as American as Thanksgiving!

Second, is it possible that Thanksgiving is all about being selfish? Before you flip me the proverbial Thanksgiving Bird, let me explain. You want happiness and do not want suffering, right? What's the best way to increase your happiness? By showing other people kindness, love, and respect, they will probably respond in kind; incresing your happiness. This is what the Dalai Lama calls being wisely selfish. I know that our society laughs at this (like Stuart Smalley "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, And Doggone It, People Like Me"), but maybe there is something to first looking in the mirror and thanking God for ourselves – then going out and mirroring gratitude to everyone we meet.

Finally, Lady Suzanne commented yesterday on Thanksgiving and there being “empty chairs” around our table this year. That struck a nerve and prompted this simple poem – not meant to be a downer, but a reminder to live while our butts are still in the chair!

Empty Chairs

Thanksgiving Banquet
Gather, all those who are able
But, leave an empty chair
At our Holiday Table

For those who have gone before us
Their laughter no longer ringing

Bow our heads in silence
Do you hear the angels singing?

Yes, there is an empty chair
At this years’ celebrations
Looking about the room
Missing part of our foundations

Those who have gone before us
Memories still clinging
Now, among all the laughter
Do you hear the angels singing?

Celebrating gratitude and Thanksgiving
Celebrating a baby born in a stable

Yet, there is unquenchable heartache
As I see the empty chair at our table

A reminder to create in each moment
Memories worth clinging
For someday my chair will be empty, too
I pray you hear me singing?

DAK 11/27/08

Happy Thanksgiving

Sir Bowie “thankful his butt is still in the chair one more year” of Greenbriar


  1. my initial response to Sir Bowie's work in progress when he shared it with me yesterday:

    softly, through my tears
    I hear you singing always
    forever, my heart

    those we love deeply stay with us forever in our hearts

    family and friends,and all those faceless readers of this blog

    I extend peaceful and thankful feelings because we are all part of God's chorus here on Earth and above - whether we meet and sing together or hum as we read along -
    we share the "ride"

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
    who's heading out for a "full" day!

  2. Remember, not to bring too much frivolity to your most sensuous and series poem, if you drink enough beer you'll grow big enough to cover all the empty chairs!

    I hear you singing as I laugh with joy from knowing you!

    Sir Hook the Chair Cover of Warrick

  3. Well, i can tell by the abandon in the comment above that the lot of you are pretty sauced up on the foaming "milk of human kindness " already and its not even 1pm.

    But like Charity...Thanksgiving begins at home... So Knights, if you really want to make your souls happy... Button those pants...get your butts up off of those chairs, and help the Lady's with those after dinner chores while they sit and chat by the fire.

    or as Bill Hailey Put it..." get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans"

    Sir Dayvd ( The lady's Friend ) of Oxfordshire