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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent 2008 & the Compass of the Soul

The Season of Advent usually fits my searching soul like a well worn leather jacket, keeping me warm, protected from the elements and ready to take on a journey. Advent 2008 comes at a most welcome time in my life.

Like most wondering souls, it is easy to get off course during times of exploration. Remaining open minded, as well as open to our basic KMSA principle of being Unified Through Our Diversity, also means that it sometimes becomes very easy to be shifted by the waves of exploration to directions unforeseen and unknown.

Times like these are when the Compass of the Soul is an important instrument to employ. As Captain Jack Sparrow says, "A compass is only broken if you don't know how to use it mate." This morning, listening to Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, lighting my Advent Wreath Candle for Week One, and meditating on what is to come I feel the stirring in my soul of what makes me tick.

Everyone's Compass of the Soul is unique to their life, their experiences and upbringing. Sometimes its necessary to break the chains that bind us to a spiritual life that is inherited without thought, only to rediscover through our own experiences and explorations that the Course that your Compass of the Soul has set takes you back to were you started, only this time you know why.

Nobody but Captain Jack could read his Compass, only I can read mine and only you can read yours. Advent is a Season to launch the Pirate within us all who is not afraid to trust his Compass of the Soul and to explore new horizons and come to peace with old ones.

As Captain Jack also said, "All you need to be a pirate is a ship, wind in your sails and a really neat hat!"

Here's tipping my really neat hat in homage to Advent 2008!

Sir Hook the Pirate of Peace and Keeper of the Compass of the Soul of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. Well said, Sir Hook.
    Religion shouldn't be a "map," but a compass.

    On thing is for sure: No matter where your compass points, you are where you are -- the center of your own compass. (I don't know if that really has any significant meaning; just thought I'd throw out the obvious).

    Sir Bowie "off to check his bearings" of Greenbrair