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Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1: Just Another Day?

OK, December 1 is obviously the first day of the last month of the year. I have a friend who always sends out a Happy New Month email, and Lady Allwinky and her best friend try to beat each other to the phone to say, "Rabbit, Rabbit!" on the first day of each month.

December 1 is 4 days before the repeal of the Prohibition Act and 6 days before the "Day that will live in infamy!", as declared by FDR after the Japanese Invasion of Pearl Harbor, which was 57 years before the Japanese invaded the Evansville area with a Toyota plant.

So, what's so special about December 1? Here's a few tidbits I found for your historical pleasure:

1135: Henry I of England dies
1420: Henry V of England enters Paris
1640: Portugal proclaims their own King and succeeds from Spain
1821: The first Constitution of Costa Rica is issued
1822: Peter the 1st is crowned Emperor of Brazil
1884: Deputy Sherriff Eflego Baca in Frisco, New Mexico holds off a band of 80 Texan cowboys who try to free a friend that the Deputy had arrested
1913: The Ford Motor Company starts its first assembly line
1919: Lady Astor becomes the first female member of the British Parliament
1940: Comedian Richard Pryor is born
1941: The Civil Air Patrol is formed
1960: Paul McCartney and Pete Best are arrested and deported from Hamburg, Germany on attempted arson charges
1969: The first lottery for the Vietnam War draft begins
1981: AIDS is officially recognized
1982: Barney Clark becomes the first person with an artificial heart
1990: The Channel Tunnel two sections between England and France meet
1998: Exon buys Mobil to create the worlds largest oil company
2001: Captain Bill Compton brings TWA Flight 220 in for a landing at St. Louis, MO, marking the last flight for TWA after 76 years of operation

So, let's go out and make some history today!

Sir Hook I Have Nothing Better to Say of Warrick


  1. December 1st 2008.
    Sir Dayvd's hangover from 29th of November 2008 has finally left.

    wooohooo :)

  2. "Rabbit, Rabbit!" on the first day of each month?

    Now that's a new one to me?
    What's the story?

    Rabbit, Rabbit.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  3. Sir Bowie, not sure what Rabbit, Rabbit is our how it got started. Never thought to ask. We'll have to let Lady Allwinky write about that.

    Sir D, welcome back from the Land of Spirits!

  4. In the UK playgrounds we say "a Pinch, a Punch, the first day of the month, and no returns of any kind"

    While saying the "pinch" the other persons arm is pinched, and while saying the "punch", the other persons arm is punched. On the first of the month you just have to get to the "other" people before they get to you. I believe it doesn't count after noon.

    I have no idea why this is done other than it was a chance to pinch and punch someone as a kid. Brits eh?, doncha just love em?

    Sir dayvd ( Already full of Christmas Cheer ) of Oxfordshire was the land of Beer Wine and Spirits.

  5. Lady Allwinky says she will share the secret of Rabbit, Rabbit when we all hoist our first pint together when we're in England.

    Sir Hook the Clueless of Warrick