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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open and Closed Case

In marketing there is a concept known as psychographics (as opposed to demographics, which are physical characteristics or measurable statistics such as education level and income).

Psychographics identify personality characteristics and attitudes that affect a person's lifestyle and purchasing behavior.

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One distinction is: OPEN and CLOSED.

OPEN people are actively seeking out things that will make their lives better: products, services, experiences, and styles that will “open” doors and cause continued growth, save time, save money, increase status in their family or community, etc.

It’s really no secret: Find people who are open and you will find the people you can successfully market to.

Closed people, on the other hand, are operating out of fear. They work to maintain the status quo; they don’t seek out opportunities to expand their horizons.

On a social level, open people are the people worth hanging out with.

For example, Knights of Moleskine, Spirit, and Ale are open.

We’re not afraid to open our journals and write, paint, draw, play – “Free to create without judgment.”

We’re not afraid to OPEN a good beer (or spirit or soft drink) with friends and create a memorable experiences.

We’re not afraid to OPEN our hearts and discuss our spiritual selves without judgment – “Unity through diversity.”

Here are just a few of the experiences that Knights have been open to and shared in just the past month:

Circuses and clowns, colorful sweaters, writing songs and poetry, “Rabbit, Rabbit”, Advent, hiking in the Woods, Geocaching, the Dalai Lama and Stuart Smally, ancestors, creating a Whoo Hoo Thanksgiving, Procrastinators Unite, treasure hunting with metal detectors, traveling the Realm of the Kingdom, history, listening to community bands, creating our opus, sex everyday for 7 days, bio beer, Buddhist temples made out of beer bottles, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night, chess boxing, leaf forts, politics, how to behave in an English pub, Halloween, and of course reawakening the divine forces, journal writing and beer!

How’s that for open to diversity?

So, the next time you’re marketing your product, service, event, writing, art work, or self – seek out people who are OPEN to new POSSIBILITIES and STIMULI, reward DIVERSITY, and are AWAKE enough in the moment to see it.

Think OPEN. Nothing adventured, nothing gained!

Sir Bowie “if you’re wanting to buy a fellow Knight a beer, I’m open to that!” of Greenbriar


  1. WOW! We sound like exciting people to be around! Simuli, possiblities, diversity, awakening, are all golden nuggets waiting to be harvested from the streams of life by those brave and patient enough to mine them.

    You've given me a new way to look at OPEN or being open:
    O pening
    P ossibilities through
    E nlightened
    N uggets

    Sir Hook I'll Buy You A Beer After A Good Day of Mining of Warrick

  2. OPEN wide your eyes
    OPEN wide your questioning mind
    OPEN wide your heart

    checking through the list, checking some twice or seven times...

    found a couple of ales last night
    to take off the list

    we'll search for some more good ones when we get together for the Christmas celebration!

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar