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Monday, December 1, 2008

Running away to join the…


There is a 75 year old tradition in Evansville, Indiana, that brightens up tens of thousands of lives starting Thanksgiving Day: The Hadi Shrine Circus.

Though not exactly the greatest show on earth, it is one the premier Shrine Circus in North America and one of the last great three-ring circuses in the world.

Yesterday, Lady Suzanne, Amy, and Lucy adopted a “little boy” and took him to the circus.

This is his story.

When the little boy arrived to the circus he found other children riding elephants and ponies down on the main floor. And clowns! (No, the children were not riding the clowns, they were just down there doing clown doings).

Finally, it was time for the real circus to start. The ringleader’s whistle blew, the orchestra began playing Entrance of the Gladiators and, WHOO-HOO, hold on to your horses becuase here come the elephants!

Acts included high wire acrobatics, daredevils high above the circus floor, and animal acts of all kinds including monkeys (what little boy doesn’t love monkeys) lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Of course, no circus would be complete without CLOWNS. Now, I know that some people don’t like clowns (Jack Handy is one: "To me, clowns aren’t funny. In fact, they’re kinda scary. I’ve wondered where this comes from and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad").

Anyway, this little boy was not afraid of clowns and had his picture taken with a couple of Hadi Funsters.

Wait! Since when do little boys have old, gray mustaches?

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a few clowns short of a circus...

but I do love clowns. In fact, I used to be one a long time ago (with Lady Suzanne at a church) and we have even made a special trip the Ringling Museum of the Circus in Sarasota, Florida.

I used to juggle and make feeble attempts at balloon animals. The conversation with a child usually went something like this:

Me: Here you go.

Kid: What is it?

Me: What do you think it is?

Kid: I can't tell. Maybe a dog?

Me: Exactly. Such a bright lad.

(Needless to say my clown days did not last too long)

To make a long circus story short, this “little boy” had a great time at the circus.

Now, I know that it’s rare to get the opportunity to go to a real circus, but that doesn’t mean we can't take the time each day to see the world with childlike wonder and create ways to make every day a circus day.

My challenge today is to create “circus opportunities” -- to ride an elephant or pony (even if it's just a carousel), or be a clown (and make a child laugh), or teach your pet bear to ride a bicycle (?), or be a high flying daredevil (on the monkey bars at a playground) or …

I guess I'm not going to run away with the circus this year; however, I am going to try to find ways to create a little circus act in my life from time to time. Send in the clowns!

May all your days be circus days.

Sir "Boo Boo the Clown" of Greenbriar


  1. Sir Boo Boo, I thought you had given up feeling up the clowns?! Oh well, here's to the child inside us all!

    My daughter Maegan is so afraid of clowns that she won't move when she sees one. I am one who does not underestimate the "creepiness" of certain clowns as well; however, the real clowns you should be afraid of are the ones who don't wear make-up, at least clown make-up, and often sit in seats of importance. They create a circus of missed opportunities.

    I like Sir Boo Boo's challenge to create a circus of opportunities! Since I live in and create a circus on a daily basis, I might as well do something with it!

    Sir Hook the Defender of Clown-A-Phobic Peoples and Ring Master of His Own Circus of Warrick

  2. I just love those Three Ringed circusses thingys...with performing animals and clowns and high wire acts...

    But sadly we don't get those here anymore...the Animal Rights Folk have picketed them out of existence...

    All we get now are like the Chinese State Circus, or the Moscow Circus, which are just like the Olympic Gymnasts with a bit of sparkly spandex.

    Good Joke about the Clowns there Bowster LOL... arf arf...

    BTW Lady Suzanne did you dig that cardigan sweater out especially to wear to the Circus??? That is one Colorful bit of Knitwear.

    Also Sir B thanks for Flagging up Stuart Smalley. We'd never heard of him here... But a bit research after you said...and I find that Al Frankens Acts is a hoot...
    I've always found the Jagon that motivators Speak at meetings soooofunny...and the tongue in cheek Smalley stuff cracks me up.

    Okay you bunch of clowns...i'm sure i'll come up with a blog sooner of later...

    Sir Dayvd ( Wine, Women and Song have been my i've given up singing ) of Oxfordshire.

  3. once upon a time I found the clown/circus sweater and it is worn once a year - to the circus - also a great way to embarrass our 19 year old Lady Lucy!

    also once upon a time, Sir Bowie (Zacheus)and I were clowns so our girls think that clowns are fun people!

    Lady Suzanne a.k.a.
    "Taxi" the clown bringing God to people and people to God