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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

There is a question being raised far and wide in the bars of America... 'In these Recession times, is Beer a Luxury ?, or is it, as i am observing, a great time in the US and UK, to forget all your troubles and test out some new flavors.?'

Actually,starting at the premis that Blue Moon is a million barrel selling flavoursome ale, once you start digging around hinterland find that although the economy is just about to go from its flat spin to an accelerated vertical dive, buying shares in an America brewery might actually be quite an investment, seeing as Joe-sixpack, is seriously starting to hoist his buns onto shiny new bar-stools across the States, eager to experiment in the New Wave of Belgian Ale worship that is gripping the counties.

There's Troegs, Harrisburg PA opening its new Pub bar, i mean Tasting Room.. and of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to Bethlehem, no, not the one where H.Christ, first looked out on the feast of Stephen, but Bethlehem PA, where the Bethlehem Brew-works, after
setting light to itself with fire, before the back selling to full houses its range of Belgian ales.:

Devil’s Hearth (O.G. 1.064 ABV 6.4%)
Golden Belgian Style Ale with hints of citrus and honey. Brewed with Coriander, honey and orange peel for a refreshing strong ale.

CH-47 Pale Ale (1.047 O.G., 5.0% A.B.V)
This light copper, dry finishing American Pale Ale is an excellent addition to the Brew Works fleet of pale ales. A hefty sling load weight of Chinook hops gives this beer its distinctive bite, Chinook and Amarillo hops contribute to its citrus like aroma. A hophead’s delight!

Pumpkin Ale (1.052 O.G., 5.2% A.B.V.)
Our fall beer is made with real pumpkins, cloves, ginger, all-spice, nutmeg and cinnamon. This light copper Autumn ale will tantalize your taste buds. colored. Pumpkin pie in a glass!

Rude Elf’s Reserve (1.086 O.G. 10.5% A.B.V.)
Our Silver Medal winning Belgian style holiday beer brewed with dark Belgian candi sugar and special spices. This brew has a spicy aroma and flavor with a sweet malt taste. At 10.5% alcohol it is sure to warm you up during the holiday season.

Framboise (1.056 O.G., 6.7% A.B.V.)
“World Beer Cup Winner” Our Belgian Style sour ale is as authentic as they come. Brewed with Raspberries, wild yeast and aged for several months to develop a tart and refreshing flavor. Not for the faint of palate, this beer is complex and for the experienced.

DeScaler Dark Ale (O.G. 1.068 ABV 7.3%)
Deep ruby colored Belgian Strong Ale with a luscious toffee flavor and smooth malt finish.

Big Chief amongst these doozys i espy a corker.... in Rude Elf.. at 10%

whooohoo Now we are talking!!!! 'nuff said.... gimme some of that Candi Sugar....:))

So I'm raising a glass, to the entrepreneurial word of the New Year.

No...not Bailout...But Diversify. "If it ain't selling....start finding out pretty damn fast what is...and make it".

Sir Dayvd ( in pretty rude 'elf hisself ) of Oxfordshire


  1. Well said at the end Sir D! I've been to Bethlehem, PA, but never had the time to visit the brewery. You have my chops salivating for my next time up in that neck of the woods!

    Yes, it could be time to open a KMSA Pub! And speaking of Rude Elf's, you have to partake of the Mad Elf from Troeggs...You'll be spinning in 13% heaven in no time!

    Sir Hook the Mad Elf of Warrick

  2. .........err 11%? mad elf???

    anyway as i see, the yanks have gone overboard for the Belgian stuff... with Bud's ShockTop out there too....but whats the crack about having slices of orange and lemon with it....Hey get that Fruit away from my Pint! .... and I don't mean the guy in the hawaiian shirt and pink leg warmers...

    So my Broker has just gotten a call.. "Buy Big in Wheat!!!"

    Sir D ( the scarlet pimpernell ) of Oxfordshire