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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Mugs!

Last night the American Founding Father's and their Ladies, the House of Warrick and Greenbriar, descended on Old Chicago in Evansville, the birthplace of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale, to exchange Christmas Cheer, Drink from Sir Dayvd's Official Dimpled British Pints (Thank you very much!), and plan our upcoming American Invasion of the Mother Land this summer.

Feeling that is only proper to drink English beer in our new Christmas Mugs, we were limited to Boddington's Pub Ale, which Lady Allwinky commented must be like the British Budweiser. No offense, non taken! How's that for getting ready for an English ribbing?!

Yes, Oxford may never be the same after seeing Lady Allwinky pulling out her Red Neck Teeth from her purse and giving the Brits a taste of what it means to be SEXY in West Virginia! I made the observation that the teeth prop was much more effective than carrying mace!

So, Sir Dayvd be warned, we are coming thirsty and with two centuries of attitude this summer. Some can say I went to Harvard...Yale NO! I can say I went to Oxford! Does that mean I have to let them know it was for a Beer Drinking Tour instead of college?

Sir Hook Who's Always Looking for A Positive Spin of Warrick


  1. Excellent!! :)) great to see you together again... and with the proper glassware..:))

    Lady Allwinky is very astute...Boddingtons is a Manchester beer that got a big commercial makeover ( like John Smiths and Tetleys etc ) and lost a lot of its kick for the mass market. In its home town you could find a few places with its orginal taste still in place...

    but it is a "pop" british beer brewed to fight the Euro-lager and US freezer brews in the ninties.

    I'm sure we'll find you something a bit darker and chewier..:)

    Tell her to keep the Look though...she will WOW the british males looking like that..and possibly win the Miss UK title all in the same trip. I'd wrassle her. ;)

    West Virginia eh? i know where i'm moving too :)

    Two centuries of Attitude Vs 5000 years of organised tribal killing...LOL ...just bring clothes you don't mind getting blood on.

    Sir Dayvd ( the Vinnie ) of Oxfordshire

  2. 5ooo year of organized tribal killing. Sounds like something I'd enjoy, being of Cherokee-Celtic British Blood! I'll bring my bloody pants, bloody shirt and my bloody attitude! Cheers!

    Sir Hook the Bloody Whatever of Warrick

  3. I nearly spit beer out my nose on several occasions last night. Fun night.

    I'm wearing one of Sir Hook's gifts today (no, not the "Beer Man" thong).

    To our friends in West Virgina, USA:
    I'm sure Sir Hook was talking about West Virgina in the UK.