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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fiddler Blows the Roof

As all Knights pays to think left field... If say, heavy Metal Guitars are old everyone does it and no one is taking any notice... then, hey, just substitute them for Cellos. Same thing, Just go back to the beginning...Those old time dudes were Rock Stars of their day right??? Just Subvert the whole Guitar = phallus, Cellos = Nerds thing and Bingo!!

My reviewing brief last night was to cover the first night of Finnish Band Apocalpytica's World Tour, that opened in Oxford in front of a few thousand raving Rock fans. Four Cellists and a Drummer you wouldn't have thought would have taken the roof off the auditorium...but, boom! there goes the new roof.

My picture above just caught them when they'd slowed from a Blur of Mayhem and noise...and showing they can make like an Chamber quartet if they want to... They were stunning musicians... who just knew that Rock, Spinal Tap style is still some of the best fun you can have with your clothes on.

There is plenty of You Tube action if you want to check them out...

but I suppose, the reason I thought I'd squirt this onto the KMSA Blog is that ; if you have an idea, however much you'd think it had been invented by Monty Python, just give it a try.

No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the Public.

Sir Dayvd ( They call me Cello Fellow ) of Oxfordshire


  1. I actually saw this band, or at least one just like them, on the MOJO-HD channel about a year ago. Bach N Roll!

    Sir Hook the String Maestro of Warrick

  2. Nice Donovan reference.

    I'll have to check this band out.

    I remember one of the greatest concerts I went to was Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) in the '70s.

    Thanks for the memory.

    Sir Bowie "face the music" of Greenbriar


    Not sure why the YT link on the blog is not taking you all thru to the clip that looked most like the band did the other night...

    but its the clip at the top of this comment..... and i have put another one for you to copy underneath.

    Now go and bang your heads Boys.