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Friday, December 19, 2008

Flame: Where Fire Meets Desire

As a marketing and advertising professional I have to admit that Burger King is putting "The King" in places no other fast food chain has gone before.  It's not making me want to eat there as much as keeping me entertained.  Therefore, is it really working for them?  We'll I'm sharing this with you for one.  I also realize that I'm not necessarily high on their target demographic list (young male), but I fit perfectly into the psychographic target (found of the unusual and anything that will get me laid).

"Flame", a new men's body spray produced by Burger King is just such an example of the above.  On sale online at, Flame promises to "beef up your mojo this holiday season" with what the company describes as "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat."  Fire meets desire launches with seductive music and voice overs like Barry White.  You click on the spray to change scenes as it spews it's unique scent in your face.

About all I can add is that it's good to be the King, or a Knight who wants to smell like flame-broiled meat while his Lady moans, "Where's the beef?!"

Sir Hook the Whooper of Warrick


  1. yeah and you know how those whoppers never look as big in real life as they do in the photgraphs behind the checkouts LOL...

    I am now on my knees praying that the picture on the blog is not one from the Hook photo i will be sueing you for undue trauma and bilous nausea and the shrink bills i will need to get over it... :))

    You could of course just spray the stuff in the womans eyes and take advantage of her incapacitation......

    sir dayvd ( pure natural beef ) of Oxfordshire

  2. I saw the article in the morning paper, and wondered which one of you Davids would leap on it
    Sir Hook wins the race for the whopper! or does Lady Allwinky?

    Lady Suzanne,
    who doesn't really want to know that answer