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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Words from Whitehouse

As promised in my comments yesterday, and to complement Sir Davyd's excellent reading, I humbly give you some poetry written by me during my recent Whitehouse Retreat. No, not the Bush Whacker's house, or should I say the "Artful Dodger of Shoes" house, but the Jesuit retreat center, resting on the bluffs of the Mississippi River south of St. Louis, MO.

The source of inspiration is the environment itself, Advent, the Long Moon Night of Friday, the spotting of eagles soaring over the river and the continuation of a spiritual journey on the river to the Divine.

Long Moon Light

Long Moon Light
Pierces the Heart

It's Cold Edged Dagger

Opens the Soul

Chasing Destiny

Westward winds set my course
The blazing sunset lights the evening sky

Reds turn to yellows on the Creators pallet

Dancing hues among the whispering clouds

The Long Night Moon rises to join the ancient dance
It soon devours the sky like a hungry lover
Wanting ecstasy to become eternal

Too soon this glorious time will pass
Like a flock of geese in formation overhead
Their primal cries echo like braves

A thousand winged warriors

Not afraid to chase their destiny

Soon, only silence and the Long Night Moon remain
Hovering over two dead men
Rebel Jesus and I await our resurrection
A second coming into a world more fully known


Without despair

I join the geese in a warriors cry

And fly

Haiku's From the Cave


The Cave is a tomb

Where the heart of stone

Is rolled away to reveal
The Divine

The Cave is a cocoon

Where the caterpillar
Struggles to become
A Butterfly

The Cave is a womb

Where the Spirit gives birth
Pushing us forward
Into a world of light


The Cave is an eye
Where cloudy vision is removed
Revealing the light and clarity
Of the Divine


The Cave is a universe

Where light and darkness
Caress the heart
With hands of stone

The Caterpillar

The caterpillar crawls

Like a multi-foot serpent
Inching towards its destiny of change

Soon it will be free

Of the confines of this world

Soaring the heavens with eagles

Like a multi-color angel

Free to fly
Free to be

What the Divine intended it to be

Sir Hook the Shaman Sage of Warrick


  1. beautiful thoughts Sir Hook
    you know I have a soft spot for haiku!

    Sir Hook, leads us to
    glimpses of the babe to come
    who will guide the world

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar,
    with a grateful heart for friends who share the search for peace and love in this winter season

  2. Sir Hook,

    It's obvious that you had a divinely creative trip -- within the cave and within yourself.

    The image of the candle, the reflection, the empty chair beyond looking out over the Universe is a beautiful poem all to itself.

    Sir Bowie

  3. An errant young knight called Dave,
    Went off on retreat in a cave,
    And when he came home
    He had writ us a poem
    'bout the moon,and a bug and a brave.

    His pals all said "Hey,Sir Hook,
    You ought to write us a book".
    And he said " I would like to,
    Full of deep thoughts and haiku,
    and the visions I saw in the nook.

    So lets hope that in the New Year,
    When he finally finishes his beer,
    With Moleskine and Pen,
    and the last Speckled Hen,
    He's getting his Ass into gear.

    Sir Dayvd ( Rhymin Simon ) of Oxfordshire

  4. finishes his beer?

    banish that thought!

    pour him another...

    Lady Suzanne

    nice rhymin Simon...

  5. Aye! Don't you mean my "Arse", or as the conversion to the other side of the pond already begun in the other side of your brain? Nice weaving of words Sir D!

    I will compromise with Sir D and Lady S...

    Pour me another beer
    At the beginning of another year
    And I will write a book
    About the visions from the nook
    That will make all our hearts cheer!

    Sir Hook Who's Glad I Already Know My New Years Resolution of Warrick

    P.S. I promise to keep me Arse out of it!

  6. Oh I got my degree in American patois a couple of decades ago..LOL... I know if something's a "crock"..or if someone knows "squat"...I know my OMG from my WTF... when to "spring" for the "check", "lube my auto", "steal second" or to whether to "hunker down" in my "condo", or "get my ass the hell on out of there"

    Sir D

  7. Just a note on the chair overlooking the river through the window, which Sir Bowie noted looked like poetry.

    That is the same chair that I sit in every evening after Benediction, wrapped in several layers, with my Bottle of Magnificat Meritage and Whitehouse playlist on my iPod.

    It's one of most inspiring times during the Retreat. Sitting in that chair I have witnessed some amazing sights like a White Owl flying right past my face and a Falling Star landing into the river. I have also enjoyed many visions there on my spiritual quest.

    Sir Hook the Vision Questor of Warrick

  8. Lady Lucy has been reading a book and in it is the suggestion that we all take one week a year and live in a hut - no modern distractions -
    I'm thinking that may be one of my goals this coming year!

    Made me think of you and your Whitehouse retreats -

    Lady Suzanne,
    who is on her way out the door to celebrate with a good friend,
    another day of living