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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finding Neverland...

"The Whistlefield Inn..."
Originally uploaded by Derek...
It has turned blustery cold today. The crispness is punctuated by a pale blue sky and weak sun. The daylight grows short at 430pm. The night sky seems darker with a bright moon and Mars twinkling in the sky. I know it grows darker even earlier in the Scottish Highlands.

My office is cold and I must wear fingerless gloves at times. I would relish a space heater but do not like the thought of them. What I would cherish right now is a wee dram of whisky or warm cider and my toes in front of a peat fire. I want to slip into something cozy and be wrapped up by friendly warmth. It doesn't matter if you are a stranger or repeat customer. Most inns in the Highlands will welcome you. The locals might be a little weary of you at first but give them a smile, make a joke and offer to buy someone a pint and they will warm up to you right quick.

That warm oasis isn't too far away. Just over the mountain pass, across a burn or two, underneath a canopy of stars and flicker of a moon. Just listen for the music, it will guide you.


  1. It got dark there about an hour ago. Scotland and the North got 8 inches of snow dumped on it today, so i'm guessing that dram is coming in verra handy right now. I know those Inn's are great to be Snowed-In, in the winter, with the Glens looking so incredibly beautiful out of the window.

    We just missed the snow in the South Midland, with a belt of warmer air turning it to a Gale of Rain today as it curved round over southern Ireland and over Wales and across us. I was working on the Welsh Border today and it blew me home..

    So that is Mars up there looking soooo big as the sun went down, between the departing clouds I was wondering why that "aircraft" was looking like it would never land. :)

    I've just made a big pot of peppery Oxtail Soup, which i now might put a weee Dram in, to give it that final lift, as i close my curtains to the misty fingernail moon, and put my feet up.

    Sir D of O

  2. Thanks for the trip to Neverland! It inspired me to curl up with an Old Speckled Hen and listen to the music of the stars!

    Sir Hook the Peter Pan of Warrick

  3. You are welcome!....
    I'm trying to convince the beggars here to build a fire in the fire place and brew up some cider...

    Hum...may have to light a fire under the perspective butts...