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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ring My Bell...And Other Oddities

After posting yesterday about bumper stickers, it reminded me of the place where I purchased the "I'm a Musician, What's Your Excuse" sticker on our recent short holiday to Nashville, Indiana in Brown County. Joybell Theatre and Music Emporium was indeed a rather odd yet interesting stop.

It brought a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Ring My Bell"! The shop is up front where you can purchase rare CD's, bumper stickers, music paraphernalia and other oddities...but you quickly find yourself herded into the "back parlor" where you're entertained to a hand bell concert.

My first impression was my childhood memories of being in a "seedy" dark tent at my county fair where you would encounter bearded ladies, morphodites and flute playing midgets. The lighting and colored drapes where perfect! And then Joy, began the Joybell concert with a humorous delivery of American Classics! By the end of the concert I was a fan and tipped her handsomely.

Next stop was just down Main Street to get some hot coffee for a cool fall day. We came upon Deadman's Reach Coffee where they serve "Raven's Brew". It's a rather strong Jamaican Blue Mountain blend that deserves their catch phrase, "Served in Bed...Raises the Dead"!

Then we came upon a store that was packed with shoppers because of this sign, a cleaver twist on an old American Classic, the Going Out of Business Sale. I even bought it for a brief second, until my holiday brain switched to professional marketer and seethed in anger for not thinking of this one myself! We quickly found ourselves "Going Out for Business", where I purchased some Christmas gems for Sir Dayvd and Sir Bowie. (You'll have to wait children!)

Finally, we stopped at a local potter's place to watch him spin at the wheel, making some rather beautiful pieces; however, I was most intrigued by his sculpture piece hanging close to the entrance to remind people that he didn't want his work interrupted by various ring tones and self-centered conversations. The "Screw You...Take It Outside" piece is a classic!

Sir Hook the Purveyor of the Odd of Warrick


  1. You'll have to wait for your pressy too...) tho it will probably get to you before Kringle time...

    D of O

  2. Interesting post. Glad to see that other people have the same taste in coffee that I have. I have always maintained it doesn't take much water to make GOOD coffee.

    Sir Richard wide awake of Windsor

  3. Been a few years since I've been up there. Did you make it to the 3D hologram store. That's awesome.

    Fried Biscuits are also a must.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbrair