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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day that holds special meaning for millions of Americans
. It holds an even more special meaning for me.

You see, today we celebrate when my English ancestors crossed the pond to the New World to escape religious persecution, only to set up another oppressive religious culture. But wait, there's more!

They befriended my Indian ancestors who helped them to survive the winter with food and local knowledge only to have them take their land, their culture and their rightful heritage.

Americans, whatever their breed or color, have been masters of doing the same since Plym
outh Rock. Give us your tired, your hungry, your mindless masses and we'll f..k them literally and figuratively and make them our own.

For this my half-breed English and Indian spirit is thankful that out of the melting pot that is America, I can claim original ancestors from both sides of the pond. That and $58 dollars will buy the Turkey that my Squaw and Lady of the Estate staid up all night to get ready for this feast day.

Which leads me to the 58 Dollar Question...Which Big Bird will you be feasting on today?

Choose wisely and remember to always be thankful! It's our right!

Sir Hook the Chief Pilgrim of Warrick

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