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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Art of Tea Pot Blowing

So you are a Brit and you love your national drink, and at Tea Time you stand around waiting for the kettle to boil... what do you do with the spare three or four minutes that this takes?. What you do is revive the Lost Art of Tea-Pot Blowing. You fill the pot full of liquid, press your mouth and cheeks firmly over the lidless hole in the top, creating a vacuum seal, and blow.

You can start off by using the sink as a target, but the real proud moment for the confident Tea Pot Blower is to direct it into your best china without getting any on your fine wooden dining table.

You can't say we are not easily amused here on this island. and the Youtube is becoming full of examples of the world joining in.

Just remember, If you try this at home (and I know you all are going to).

Hot Tea is Hot.

Sir Dayvd ( the Potty ) of Oxfordshire


  1. You Brits have such wonderful Tea Manners!

    Since I'm new at this, would I have to use Green Tea?

    Sir Bowie "the blow hard" of Greenbriar

  2. I was going to say ... but then ... I'm just speechless.

    Although, many of the examples seem to be just plain water. Is that really fair. Perhaps tea has a different viscosity than plain water and requires more precise skills.

    I guess I wasn't totally speechless.

  3. Sir J ... best to use water, cos when you start off it goes everywhere..and water mops up and tea tannin stains everything.. and besides.. i'd be drinking the tea.

    When you become Indiana Tea Pot Blowing can show me how you blow a cup of Tea and toss in the sugar lumps from the 3 point line.. all without spilling a drop.;)...

    Top tip...get your cheeks right in the hole to make sure the only place that liquid is going, is out the spout. :)

  4. A whole new twist to a Blow Job! I actually employ a similar technique in my Aqua Aerobics class when we break out the hollow noodles to float on when working our abs. I fill it full of water and then blow through it to stream water on all the ladies heads who don't want to get their hair wet. They love it! LOL!

    In high school band we use to sneak in and fill up the tubas with water before band practice. When they started to play it sounded like an elephant with stomach problems...and then the trumpet section would get blasted with water! Great fun! LOL!

    Sir Hook the AquaMan of Warrick