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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Sir Bowie's timely blog today had me rushing to my snapshots from when I was recently in New York and took in the moving site of Strawberry Fields in Central Park, the memorial to John Lennon, which is literally, to my surprise, just across the street from the Dakota Buildings, scene of the incident and where Yoko Ono still lives today.

New York took John Lennon to their heart, for many reasons, one I believe is because John loved the city because the light and scenery at Battery Park is very akin to the water front on the Mersey River at his old Liverpool home, and it wouldn't take too much of a romantic to imagine him standing there gazing across the water to England.

Still as I stood outside the arched entrance of the Dakota buildings that sunny day and pictured in my mind, as surely every pilgrim does, the senseless pantomime that was acted out on this date, all those years ago... I say Thank you New York, indeed America, for keeping his memory so alive and peaceful.

Sir Dayvd ( who'll visit Strawberry Fields, Liverpool, for real for you, in January ) of Oxford.

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  1. This circle monument reminds me of the one at the Tower of London placed on the site where so many lost their heads. Seeing the pilgrims taking pictures of John's place reminded me of the overwhelming need to take a picture at the Tower. Kind of Morbid in a way...but very human.

    Sir Hook Who Believes that Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey of Warrick