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Monday, December 7, 2009

High Wire Act

We Love creativity and Craft on our Blog, and as long as Man has materials, he clearly has had a need in him to create, and shape, human likenesses and gifts, even as far back in time as far back goes.

So may I introduce to you my friend Gary Curran's currant work, which he sells part time at a stall set up in the grounds of Oxford castle.

Every country I visit seems to have a wire bender busking it in the "market Square" of the city.. But Gary's stuff does have a bon vivant feel about it, especially in the dancing figurines he creates.

Now I know you are i'd like to get a pair of pliers and have a snip at that... but where would i start?... well try a heart for your Lady or your Knight...... get a roll of wire... a few beads and......
a few more beads and you have a Christmas decoration for your table

and you can always go the whole HOG......

Sir Dayvd... ( who likes all Shiny Shiny ) of Oxford.


  1. Funny you should write about this today...

    I literally got out a roll of steel white and snips last night to create.
    We'll, not exactly create, but...

    The girls and I put up the Christmas Tree yesterday. Lady Amy picked out a rather beautiful, but weighty one.
    In the stand, lights, decorated -- all is right with the world.

    Suzanne and I went to a Christmas Party last night and returned to our beautiful work of art HORIZONTAL! Crashed to the floor.

    We picked up the tree and pieces, mopped up the floor, pulled out of roll of steel wire and created a guy-wire to help support the tree.

    Your friend's work is much more beautiful and really flows. The dancing figures look animated.

    Sir Bowie "I was fit to be tied last night, but I'm better today" of Greenbriar

  2. Love the dancing figures!

    Sir Hook Who's Always Wired of Warrick

  3. I loved this! Lady Allwinky of Warrick!