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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where were you?

We write essays, poems, music...
We draw, paint, sculpt...
We woodwork, make sandcastles, sew, craft projects...
We create something out of nothing to, in part, help us make meaning out of our experiences.

This is especially true of photographs.

That's why a picture is not only worth a thousand words, it is invaluable in preserving experiences and events -- even the senseless ones.

Where were you on December 8, 1980?

Sir Bowie "All we are saying is..." of Greenbriar


  1. I was with you...and we called Tim...


  2. Helping a Buddy move house, and I was driving the truck..when it came on the Radio.

    Sir D ( All I am saying is......he should never ever ever be let out. ) of Oxford

  3. It was a Monday, and I had Monday's and Tuesday's off from NBC14 back then. I was camping at the Garden of the Gods and didn't find out about the shooting until that Wednesday morning when I showed up for work. Pre text, email and cell phones.

    Sir Hook Who Remembers Fondly When He Was Clueless of Warrick

  4. I was working at Mr. Gattis on Green River when a customer came running in and told us.

    Sir Cock, imagining.....

  5. I was at home at my parents'. My sister called, but I think I already knew.