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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hooky's NFL Natural Selection Poll: Season 2-Sunday

Hooky's NFL Natural Selection Poll goes into today's action at 50/50...with an accurate prediction of the Colts victory, but the close call game that became a blow out left this staff of stooges crying Cardinal Red. Should have used Cardinal Fang!

Oh well, on to today's gridiron action. First up the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

America's Team from the 70's still inspires a loyal following of lovers and haters today. Them "Boys" from the Lone Star state employ it's symbol as their logo. Like the Colts, it's clean, simple and effective, but lacks a certain degree of creativity. We give it an 8.

The Texas girls who have put "Cheer" into "Leaders" own the NFL Cheerleading squads in marketing and ability. Nothing less than 10!

Rowdy the Cowboy, their team Mascot is an effective representation of their name; however, his resemblance to W cost him 2 8!

Midnight Cowboy, Rough Riders, Gay Caballero...this buff shot leaves it all to the bisexual imagination. 10!

Dallas Cowboys total score = 36

Next up, the Vikings. Rape, pillage and plunder are favorite past times for this barbaric hoard! Nothing says it better than their logo. A classic 10!

Same for the image of the historical Viking; however, this illustration is hardly historically accurate, so we must deduct two 8!

The Viking Cheerleaders don't have an excuse to dress so modestly because they perform in a dome. Obviously their Lutheran roots inspire their conservative dress. Cute, but not award winning. 7!

At least the burly Mascot has the good taste to take on much younger women. If he can stay out of prison, we'll give him a 9.

Minnesota Vikings total score = 34

The second game today features the New York Jets vs. the San Diego Chargers. The New York Jets logo is a classic football logo. Virtually unchanged since the days of Broadway Joe...we give it a 10!

The Cheerleaders might say New York, but don't let these Jersey Girls fool you. You gotta love them or they'll kill you! I give them a 9 just because I like life!

The Mascot only inspires one response at the Poll...WTF!!!!!! 5!

Then the Jets Defense, number 1 in the NFL drops Napalm on the masses...a 10!

New York Jets total score = 34

The San Diego Chargers logo is electric. 10!

The Mascot sports a very clever design; however, in today's issues of Steroids in's obvious his physique is inspired by the "Juice". 8!

The Cheerleaders...California Girls...with classic little school girl uniforms and an infectious girl next door smile...10!

You either have to be a crack baring, card carrying union electrician, an electrical engineer or a nerd to understand how electricity works. I just know how to flip the switch. 8!

San Diego Chargers total score = 36

So, there you have the Sunday Hooky picks: Cowboy's and Chargers victorious. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Bret Farve have a great day...and personally I'll be rooting for the Jets to beat the Chargers; however, the Oracle has spoken!

See you next week for the Conference Championships to see who goes on to the Super Bowl.

Sir Hook an Obvious Natural Selection of Warrick


  1. WOW Hook, what a beat down!

    But, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you were looking at some sort of carnival mirror ball (seeing backwards) instead of a fortune tilling crystal ball.

    Either way, you're predictions are THE MOST ENTERTAINING!

    Sir Bowie "Who was 4 for 4 this weekend -- just not saying which way" of Greenbriar

  2. Yes, the Stooges at the Hooky NFL Natural Selection Poll are considering that the Theory of Natural Selection is highly over rated!

    However, we were most pleased, and rooted hard for the Jets to win. Like those odds better with the Colts.

    Now, I must retire to my laboratory to cook up a new theory for the AFC/NFC Championship games.

    Sir Hook (Where's Darwin When You Need Him?) of Warrick