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Monday, January 11, 2010

Oxford With Added Snow

Well seeing as Sir Bowie requested that I formalise some of the snow pictures that have been floating around between us... here are a selection I took yesterday before I put my camera out of harms way before the snow fight and sledding......... and to celebrate the county being at one point officially on a par with the temps at the South Pole (-18 without the wind chill added) which makes me think that Going to the South Pole could be an option for a future Road Trip. Okay FF's and F's seeing how many you recognise:

Actually the last one looks pretty much what I look like at the moment.

Sir Dayvd of Sno-xfordshire


  1. Sir Dayvd,

    Not sure that you would enjoy the South Pole trip so much -- Ale would be served a little too cold for your taste?

    You photo essay is missing a very important photo: The "here we are warming up by the fire in our favorite pub (perhaps the Eagle and the Child" shot.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sir Bowie "fighting his first cold of the season" of Greenbriar

  2. Sir D, I'm with SIr Bowie...where's the hearty ale by the Pub Fire shot? That would be me.

    Anyway, finally have time for your challenge, so I'll give it a go:
    1. The Tom Tower at Christchurch College
    2. Shakespeare statue, but can't remember where?
    3. Frozen security cameras above Jericho Tavern
    4. St. Andrews
    5. Bodleian Library
    6. Radcliffe Camera
    7-8-9. All taken around Radcliffe Square and the Sheldonian Theatre
    10. The Abominable One

    Sir Hook the Oxford Tourist of Warrick