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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Real Face of Haiti

Unless you're living in a cave, you have no doubt heard about the 7.0 earthquake that has devastated Haiti. My heart and soul are saddened by this I'm sure yours are as well; however, Lady A and I have a very personal reason to be sad because we don't know if our adopted daughter, Elirose Donneval is alive or dead.

Since we joined the Parish at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, we became part of the Haiti Parish mission. We have a twinning program with the Parish of Grand Bassin, in Haiti. Particularly we send food and supplies twice a year in sea containers and send workers, medical staff, etc to help that area of Haiti.

But, our particular joy is in helping Elirose go to school. We have sponsored her in school since she was 7 years old. She is now 17.

This is the most recent picture we have of Elirose from January 2008. She is doing well in school and wants to come to the United States to medical school to become a doctor and then move back to Haiti to help her people.

On occasions we receive letters from her in French, which she also sends a translated English version as well. This is one of her French letters. I share the English translation below:

Greetings! I write you this letter to give you thanks for your help and to give you some more information about me.

Concerning my studies, I like my classes. I am studying to get success. Next year I will be in the next level classes without any doubt.

Now, in Haiti, our situation is very difficult. There is no work, there is no season, there is no rain. Our parents don't know what to do. So, pray for us in Haiti. Don't forget me!

The way that you are helping me shows me how to help others, how to share with those who are in need. May God in his mercy continue to protect you wherever you go.

Happy New Year!

Your daughter, Elirose

Above are some of Elirose's classmates in Grand Bassin. This is the real face of Haiti.

I got extremely upset when I read a report about Pat Robertson saying, "This is what the people of Haiti get for making a pact with the devil." Referring to their practice of Voodoo and a supposed pact made with the devil to bring them independence from France.

There is no doubt that Haiti continues to suffer in Biblical proportions; however, such idiotic and narrow minded thinking has no place in the face of human suffering.

I ask all Knights and Ladies of the Realm to help financially with this crisis in order to help the good people of Haiti get back on their feet once again. And please pray for them and for Elirose.

We plan on going back this summer to check on the progress and hopefully sing with the people once again.

Sir Hook the Concerned of Warrick


  1. Just a correction of a typo, it was Pat Robertson who made the asinine comment.

    Beautiful post. Seeing a face to the suffering and feeling the pang of hurt is always proof to me that we're somehow connected.

    It is said that when a butterfly flaps its wings half a way around the world, we eventually feel the breeze on our face.

    What about a 7.0 earthquake?

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. Great post in sad circumstances...Lets hope you get good news soon.

    we'll be making sure we're picking the right charity to send Money too to make sure it goes to helping them asap. probably the Red Cross.

    makes all our snow look a little silly.

    Sir D

  3. Sir Bowie, thanks for pointing out the typo...we want to make sure the right asshole gets credit. It was Pat Robertson.

    Thank you for your prayers and support. I'll keep you up to speed once we hear something about Elirose, her family, and our twin Parish in Grand Basin.

    Sir Hook Who's Body is in Southern Indiana but Spirit is in Haiti of Warrick