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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Beer!

A shout out to fellow beer bloggers Deano and Don .

According to their blog, Deano and Don sample a new beer every Sunday.

"We're determined to try everything that looks interesting and report on it here. It's hard work, but -- we're committed."

In addition to some good reading, here is another outlet for Knights to share our beer experiences with the world: The Sunday Beer Club Contributor Hall of Fame

"Many to thanks to the following friends who have helped supply Sunday Beer Club with interesting and new beers. Without friends like this, our world would be a dryer place!"

Check 'em out at:

Have a great Sunday Beer,

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


  1. Drinking beers in Manhattan today. Nothing new, but a couple of new places!

    Sir Hook the New Yorker of Warrick

  2. I'll try...but am still getting over the Friday night and saturday night beers....oh and the Thursday

  3. I did my part at Turonis and Legends,
    which resulted in less than stellar bowling scores...but a good time had by all!

    Lady Suz,
    high game was 146