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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Best Defense is Offense...Unless You're Driving

You'd think that after driving for 37 years I might be able to get it right. However, during that time frame I received about 50 speeding tickets (actually, I've lost count), totaled three cars and one motorcycle, been in the hospital twice...once in a comma and the latest breaking my back, all my ribs, my left collar bone and shoulder.

Today, I am finishing my online "Defensive Driving" course for the 8th time in Indiana. In fact, as you can see above, they have finally changed the name from "Defensive Driving" to "Driver Improvement".

Perhaps that change in title will finally stick? Well...I doubt it!

You see, I believe that the best defense is offense...and that carries over into my driving habits. Hell, I even made Sir D want to have "freakin' kittens" while driving in England last summer.

OK, I admit my limitations, and in this regard, it is that I refuse to let a few "rules of the road" get in my way. Stupid?...perhaps, Bull-headed?...hell yes!

Face it, I should have been a Formula One or Indy driver, Fighter Pilot or Tank Driver for Patton.

I have learned this time; however, that if your engine begins to overheat, you should turn on your heater to full to draw the heat away from the engine.

Now, back to class.

Sir Hook (Who Was Known in Fairfield in His Teen Years as Hot Wheels Wells) the Professor Extraordinaire of Driving Improvement of Warrick


  1. "....Once in a Comma" ?? One day it will be in a Full Stop.

    Anyway H....I'm not so worried if you want to drive yourself into a tree......that fits with my Darwinian view of life.... I'm more concerned about all the innocent people coming in the opposite direction.

    Once you've lost a Loved one 'cos some Speeding Arse has plowed into them it tends to radically change your viewpoint on guys who think they are Jimmie Johnson on the highway.

    hmmmm lol... methinks the kittens were more not of the horrors of speed...more about the fact you were about to total a valuable drystone wall at 5mph up by Winston Churchill's Grave.

    Sir D ( People don't crash because they speed, but because they run out of room to brake in ) of O

  2. I like the last phrase. Here's to having plenty of room to break in!

    Sir Hook the Hot Wheels of Warrick