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Friday, March 12, 2010

March On

March brings sunshine and raindrops and...

Food: corned beef...ruebens at RiRa's, corned beef hash and eggs at First Avenue Diner, and corned beef at home

Drink: Guinnes at RiRa's

Sounds: birds in the early morning outside our open window, kids playing at outside recess, the saw in the "workshop" as Sir B begins another project

Sights: a golf course full of golfers... convertibles with the tops down... baseball grass and crocuses blooming

Music: tonight was "Sparks" album playing while we ate dinner,
each morning is "This is the Day the Lord Has Made, Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It"
and a new favorite "Why Don't We Dance?" by Josh Turner

Book: by a Londoner, James Lasdun "It's Beginning To Hurt" collection of short stories

Lady Suz


  1. correction:
    Why Don't We Just Dance?
    go watch the video - it's great - reminds me of our friends the Vuks!

  2. Excellent Blog Suzzzzzzzzz we needed a KnightTime blog and the change in the seasons is just the time. I can imagine you two line dancing.... 4 left feet.:))

    so the run down from this end reads as follows:-

    Food: I poached a lovely piece of smoked haddock last night, as a treat to end the week, and served it with buttered mash Potatoes, small dumplings and winter peas.

    Drink: Found a new local beer I love called Dirty Tackle, by Wychwood brewery in Witney Oxfordshire. Sweeter than most real ales, not so hoppy. Very Drinkable.

    Sounds:. Like you Suzzzz the birds are feeling the temperature rise warming their feathers and are filling the hedgerows with courtship. Most vocal is the Mistle Thrush i can hear behind me as i write...declaiming from the top of a distant conifer. They are often called Storm Birds, as they tend to do this, in the sunny calm before and after a sudden heavy Shower of rain.

    Sights: Sunny sunny sunlight, through banks of fluffy deep purple clouds, daffodils starting to tip with yellow, roadmenders filling in Potholes.

    Music: Watched these great Swedish sisters sing at the Jericho Tavern the other night. Wonderful......

    Book: The gardening Books and how to grow Runner Beans etc are off the shelf... also on the Nightstand ( or KnightStand ) is Big Sur by Jack Kerouac.( Sir Jack of America.....who would have been 88 yesterday... and The Murals of Harrisburg Capitol Building by Violet Oakley.

    Sir D ( the March Hare-Brain ) of O

  3. I toasted Sir Jack of America last night sitting in slight drizzle overlooking the Mississippi at Whitehouse. Two more blissful and challenging days!

    Food: Whatever the Jesuits supply, plus my bag of custom trail mix and oranges.

    Drink: No fridge or bar, so Red Wine. Last night a bottle of Magnificat meritage, tonight a 2005 Paradux!

    Sights: The Cave, Barges on the Mississipi, Incense during Benediction.

    Sounds: Silence, Birds, Barges, Distant Trains, Bells, Excellent Lectures by our Retreat Master Fr. Casey from Boston College, Whitehouse Mashup on my iPod with earbuds at night drinking wine overlooking the Mississippi.

    Books: Riding the Dragon & Crossing the Desert by Robert J Wicks (Zen Catholic Christian)

    Writing: Moleskine Journal, article for Seeds of Faith magazine.

    Sir Hook the Monk of Warrick

  4. Sir B may want to try the Dirty Tackle - as he just bought his fishing license for 2010!

    We saw Alice in Wonderland last night - a new appreciation for the story since we have walked and sat where the author lived : )

    I actually liked this version better than the original disjointed writings - thought I know I shouldn't speak against such a classic!
    That's why we have so many versions I suppose - we're all so very different

    some might even say odd?

  5. Working on a woodworking / table project for Lady Suzanne's mother...

    Warm weather reminds me it's time to start mowing lawns (or cutting crass, or however you say it).

    Also, need to rescue our '64 Buick LeSabre out of winter storage and cruise.

    Yes, I do have my fishing license and Sir Scott has already contacted me wanting to go out on the boat and fish.

    SIghts and Sounds: Time to set up a nice firepit area in the backyard, build a bonfire and enjoy the stars, an ale, perhaps the sounds of an owl with Lady Suzanne.

    Book: I've been thinking about finishing "John Adams on Revolutionary Management" which I've started several times.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar