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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Shirt of Hurt

Anyone got a flaming match??

With Obama signing a new Nuclear treaty with Russia, so soon after pushing through the Health Reform and the GOP promptly throwing their toys out of their prams, it seems an ideal time to show the KMSA something that has been the talk of this island's menfolk this past two weeks. The Shirt of Hurt.

The Shirt of Hurt is the brainchild of Broadcaster Danny Baker on 5Live Radio (which is mainly a BBC Sports and topical debate channel), and was brought to prominence to raise funds for the Sport Relief Campaign to raise funds to help transform the lives of poor and vulnerable people, both at home and across the world’s poorest countries.

Soccer tribalism in this country is unbelievably fierce, and the premise of the Shirt of Hurt, was to be sponsored to wear the team Shirt of your bitterest rival and be photographed in it, and the longer you wore it the more money you earned.

This has sparked a wonderful good natured debate between strangers in Bars and pubs up and down the island. On the surface, to most grown up adult minded people it is no problem....or is it?

Sports shirts to a great many men define who they are and the way they think. From Heraldic times through the ages Men have shown their "True Colors"

The joy has been, watching on TV...known sporting celebrities, who have spent a lifetime playing and supporting a certain team from Childhood...(probably introduced to them by their fathers) wriggling in the glare of the lights as they are put on the spot when someone brings a rivals shirt on for them to wear.

Some Sporting celebs have paid large sums of Money so they Don't have to wear the Shirt of Hurt.

Me?, Well I figured I was more than mature and above all this nonsense and would happily wear any of my rivals Soccer shirts. I am a Chelsea supporter, and my most uncomfortable closest rivals are Arsenal. So if someone brought me an Arsenal shirt, (pictured at the top) or even a Manchester Utd , or Liverpool Shirt, would I wear them and a smile and without pulling a face as if I was sucking a lemon? The truth is...I could wear them, but not without pulling a big face.....don't ask me why...maybe its a guy thing.

So all you knights out there...whose Shirt, would five guys have to hold you down struggling as they put it on you? Which Team would you hate to don their colors and stand cheering in their fans end for five minutes?

In times of Charity, and Patriotism, and helping each other for the common good of man...most people here have good naturedly put their shoulders to the wheel, and this is why we have all been vastly amused at John "across the aisles" McCain's refusal to support any other legislation this year in the Senate. John better start wearing the Shirt of Hurt for Uncle Sam.

Sir D (who will be supporting Italy and Brazil in the World Cup because they play beautiful soccer) of O


  1. Excellent Post, and an excellent idea! Imagine the look on John McGain's face while wearing an Obama "Yes We Can" T-Shirt! Priceless!

    I agree, we all need to wear the Shirt of Hurt around here for good ole Uncle Sam!

    I wear my England National soccer jersey into RiRa's Irish Pub here and get ALL KINDS OF HURT! LOL!

    For me, even though I love the cities, it would be painful to wear a Chicago Cubs or New England Patriots jersey.

    Lately, I've been wearing the Orange and Big White T of Tennessee, as I root for my friend Bruce Pearl and his Vols, who beat Ohio State last night to move into the Elite Eight for the first time.

    Sir Hook Who will be supporting England and the USA in the World Cup, because I don't know sh*t about soccer, of Warrick

  2. H..Go tell your Newcastle Barman about it...and ask him if he will wear a Sunderland shirt for you, and i bet you $50 he will say two words ....and the second one will be " **** OFF " lol..

    D of O

  3. I'll do that...and I bet you're right!

    Sir Hook Who Loves A Good Bargument of Warrick

  4. Now the question is, will the SEC Kentucky Wildcat fans wear the SEC Orange of Tennessee?!

    If the Shirt Hurts, Wear It!

    Sir Hook the Orange of Warrick

  5. Dallas F'in Cowboys!

    Okay, maybe University of Kentucky basketball. Oh, and Ohio State University when they're playing Michigan.

    Sir "But those damn Cowboys!" Bowie

  6. Wow, Sir B...didn't realize you hated my Cowboys that much? In fact, I'm wearing my D hat right now. Of course I'm a Colts fan in the AFC, but in the's Dallas baby! Of course, if memory serves me right, I believe you're a Redskins fan...which would explain your disdain for America's Team.

    Sir Hook A Disciple of Coach Landry of Warrick

  7. Yes, the Cowboys ruined many a Thanksgiving Day for my Redskins and me.

    Sir Bowie "a disciple of Vince Lombardi (7-5-2 when I was 9 years old), George Allen, and Joe Gibbs (twice)" of Greenbriar

  8. I love the way even the most stoic and patient of Guys have a Shirt of Hurt they would find it tough to wear. lol... this has been the joy of this campaign on the island...
    Guys who have hardly said more than half a dozen words to me in a lifetime...have expounded for long minutes at a time about their bete Noir Sorts team.

    Very amusing

    Sir D ( whose team won 7-1 at the weekend against a top team ...while Arsenal could only draw 1-1 against a lesser team arf arf ) of O