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Monday, March 1, 2010

St. David's Day

Today is an official KMSA Feast Day, the Feast of St. David of Wales. Seeing how it is fitting that the three Founding Father's were all named David as their mother's pushed them into this strange and wonderful world...The Feast of Saint David is another logical choice to hoist a tankard or two today in honor of all the Knights and Ladies of the Realm!

Saint David of Wales, not to be confused with David of Wells (Believe me, I'm no Saint!), was a Welsh noble man who led the British Isles in combating the pagan influences of the northern invaders (read...kilt wearing, Scotch drinking Celts in the lineage of Fat Bastard) during the 5th century.

Some may bargue that keeping Christianity dominate in the British Isles was not such a good thing. Some may also bargue that the British Isles is currently not Christian enough. Regardless of which side of Hadrian's Wall you come from, you must admit that anyone who can speak the tongues of all the tribes of Britain while the ground rises under his feet is a pretty impressive character.

So, join the David's, or Dayvd's, and raise a pint or two today to the KMSA!

Sir Hook the Secular Saint David of Wells of Warrick


  1. Aye. very well said... tho oddly you ask us to believe you are no Saint.....Nooooo Really???
    LOL....hands up who in the Knight and Lady Hood ever thought that Hooky was a Saint....No? ... I'll take that as a big fat No then Hooks... .... in fact its almost a "dead Metaphor " and is that Aileen sat on her hands??? LOl....

    Sir D..( who loves to bargue and could easily bring up new Orleans....Oh when the saints go marchin' in oh when the saints go marching in... Go Canada ...Doh! ) of O

  2. As Alice in Chains sings, here comes the Rooster! Don't start the Saints bargument! I'm just now getting my blood pressure down! LOL! As for Canada, who should also have beer cities on the list, they should have won the Gold in Hockey. Besides, it was all a big marketing ploy to build up ratings for the NHL and keep Canadians happy as we continue to rob their talent and resources and keep their currency low. Eye! Sorry!

    Where was GB on the medal count? And don't make me bring up Chelsea's sudden demise on the pitch!

    As Sara Palin, who's an honorary Canadian because Alaska borders Canada, would say, " Back Atcha!"

    Sir Hook Who Takes the Columbian out of British of Warrick

    P.S. The Canuk's put on the most fab closing ceremonies ever! Congrats! Watch out London 2012!

  3. Don't Brits do self detrimental good enough to get gold.. lol..

    Our medal tally.... its a wonder we got ONE... considering it is never winter here long enough to freeze anything and slide around on it. Even the curling team are all from the northern most Tip of to be Scandenavia.

    The only people who people who do winter sports are those rich brits brought up by their rich parents who have a second home in the swiss or french alps...

    we are on a par with jamaica and Ghana in africa...when it comes to winter

    Yeah no worries... our Olympic celebrations are going to be Crap with a capital C. The country is bankrupt and there is no way anyone on earth is going to Top the Chinese ceremony which blew my mind quite frankily....or even the Australian one. If we manage a few people waving a few flags and all drinking beer i'll say that was outstanding lol..

    and as for Chelsea... don't have to worry about that either... each one of these guys earns more in a week than I do in 5 to 10 i give them no sympathy at all...especially as they have a team good enough to win the league 10 times over....they still spend all their time bedding women and drinking... ..( notice a theme going here?.)
    Britain has pretty much given up on sports..they invented most of them way back...were the best at them till everyone else learned them...and now we struggle to come last in everything.

    So that just leaves us with Beer...and in the Beer Olympics... ...well there aint enough Gold in the world for us LOL...

    of O

  4. First, why Evansville, Indiana is not in the top 24 Beer Drinking Cities is beyond me (from previous post).

    Next, I'll happily toast to myself after bowling tonight.

    Next, Next: Olympics OC in London:

    I can imagine Olympians marching in and having to use their Oyster Card to get in the stadium and then having to step over a "Mind the Gap" line before eventually getting off at Shepherd's Bush.

    Sir Bowie "who is sure the 2012 Summer Games will be lovely" of Greenbriar