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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Am I a Sheep?

A couple of weeks ago, Sir Dayvd mentioned a "idiosyncratic alternative black lager: Zeitgeist."

What an interesting web site with way cool language and art work by Heather Brennan, see more of her work here:

From her site:

I am currently in 4th year Illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. I recently produced artwork for a beer label and website for beer company Brewdog

My interests include photography, film, computer games and contemporary dancing.

Today, as I was fighting the good fight at work, I thought of a line from their site:

"The slaughterhouse of conformity is not my destiny." (unfortunately, if feels that way at work most days).

So, I was thinking, Good Knights...

What does "The slaughterhouse of conformity is not my destiny" mean to you?

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


  1. I escaped the "slaughter house of conformity" when I went into the slaughter house Operating Room at LSU Trauma Center and realized that life is too short to conform to another's vision for my life!

    Sir Hook the Free of Warrick

  2. Sadly we are all conformists, even those amongst us who claim they aren't.

    We are a tribal animal, which leads us to have a deep need to belong to a group of some sort.

    Conforming to group norms is a signal to the other group members that 'I am like you. I am following our rules. I am not a threat.' This signal indicates your consistency of behavior, allowing the other people to predict what you will do. It is also a step along the way to increasing your esteem within the group.

    Different groups have different norms or rules to which group members conform. This can be to do with behavior, attitude, dress, language, etc. The degree to which other people conform to the rules indicates their desire to be a group member.

    In-group members who conform strongly are core group members who are asserting the identity of the group, or peripheral members who are trying to impress the core members, perhaps to be accepted into the 'inner circle' (which is in fact another group-within-the-group). Further out, people outside the group may similarly emulate group members either to seek admission to the group or to form an admiring group who are seeking to gain some reflected glory. An example is pop fans who dress like their idols.

    The strength of desire to conform is a personality trait whereby some people, while still claiming to be individuals, will simply conform to whatever group they are in at the time,

    .....whilst other 'non-conformists' will go in the other direction, deliberately asserting their individuality by rejecting all but a very few sets of norms.

    Teenagers come to mind, as they reject their parents, being non-conformists in the family, whilst desperately conforming with peer-group norms as they seek acceptance by the cliques and gangs of the schoolyard.

    Some groups are mutually exclusive, where the rules of one group are that you are not a member of specific other groups. Gangs and families are an example, as are political parties and different religions.

    and for those avid non conformists out there there is always the orange jumpsuit of conformity in the Institute of the Hopelessly Non-Conformist, namely Prison, where they keep you until you do conform, while all the time, actually conforming.

    Sir D ( the Black sheep ) of O

  3. Yes, I always liked the Goths being "different" as they look like the other Goths, etc.

    Sir James of "going down the conveyor belt towards the rotating knives not inconveniencing the passerby's with his flying flesh" of Taylor

  4. Sir D, I will use your very accurate comment that we are all conformist to some degree, as it is in our biological dna, to support my bargument of why I am a DUDE, because DUDE's conform too!

    In fact, some of the most outwardly conformist people I have ever met or exactly the people who claim that they are non-comformist.

    Sir Hook the Reverend Dude of Warrick (who at times take the form of a Con, which makes him a Conformist)

  5. "In fact, some of the most outwardly conformist people I have ever met are exactly the people who claim that they are non-comformist."

    wow! Can't believe you just wrote that H. lol...

    Nice try, at trying to resurrected the dead Dude debate but seeing as you are hell bent on wrapping yourself up with self defeating logic...I surely must help you by putting my finger on the knot as you tie the final bow.

    The very fact that you are arguing, on top of claiming, you are a Dude, as laid out in the parameters of Jeff Bridges character in the film, is further prove, ontop of owning several businesses and paying taxes, that you aren't a Dude.

    Sir D ( who is now City bound for 4 days of Rock and being covered in Volcanic ash from Iceland ) of O

  6. I give you my official Dudeist Priest blessing as you stuggle to understand my reality. LOL. Have fun in London and Rock on Dude...and remember to not make an Ash of yourself!

    Sir Hook the Reverand Dude of Warrick

  7. Hooky..even you struggle with your own there is no hope for the rest of us.

    sir D ( the Judas Priest ) of O

  8. Wel...I can't really argue with that...but there is always HOPE!

    Sir Hook the Hopeful Dude of Warrick

  9. To paraphrase Dr. Frankenstein ("That's Fronkensteen!), "Conformity! Conformity! There's no escaping conformity!"

    Sir Lance of Young Frankenstein

  10. On the other hand (she wore a glove), if one is given the definition of nonconformity being: "refusal to conform to an established or conventional creed, rule, or practice,"then all one has to do is not conform to this creed or rule in which they are originally a member. While doing so may make them a conformist in another group, they are still a nonconformist in the original group. Thus a person can be both a conformist and a nonconformist. Generally when people say they are nonconformist they are simply stating they don't follow the original set of "rules." It's all a matter of semantics.

    Sir James"who plays by his own set of rules, which may coincide with other individuals' sets of rules, but not the main set of those around him" of Taylor

  11. semantics and math, sir J, because this is only while your "non-cons" number less then 50% of the total of the two groups. once it rises to 51% you become the "conformist" main set and the conformist in your group.

    of O.