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Sunday, April 11, 2010


No, we're not talking about Rosie the Riveter...though her strength of character was birthed on the banks of the Ohio River here in Evansville making LST's and P-41 Thunderbolt's during WWII. We're talking ROSI...the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana...who embody the strength and determination of Rosie the Riveter wrapped in an athletic and skillful body providing thrills, chills and just downright fun at Swonder Rink in Evansville!

$6 tickets and $1 PBR beer provide the best sports entertainment value you can find anywhere! ROSI is the only non-profit roller derby league in the area, part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, who not only entertain, but also donates their time and money to charitable organizations throughout the area.

Getting stamped at the door with a skull and cross bones inspired this errant Knight and part-time pirate that I was in for one hell of a night!

Part of the fun, is the creative use of names by the players, coaches and referees. Above is Miss Embowel, one of the refs for the evening. The name says it all! We would find other names like, Suffragette Kitty, Virgin Cherry, Armia Death, Chesty Copperpot and Sailor Scary.

Here's Lady Allwinky of Warrick with our massage therapist, Dana Darnell, who will soon be skating for ROSI in their next home match. Dana is the reason we were introduced to this fantastic sport! Dana originally hails from Chicago, but tonight the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana were taking on the Shade Brigade from Chicago....and they kicked some City Girl Ass!

Here's one of the Jammers scoring points for the Chicago team. Jammers are identified by a star on their helmet, and they have 2 minutes to get as many points as possible in the Jam.

Here's Hurtz Donut, one of ROSI's excellent Jammers taking her speed ahead of the pack to score points for Southern Indiana.

Some of the most fun action is when Sailor Scary, who's face adorns the program, takes the floor as a Jammer. Here she is pictured Jammer on Jammer. Shortly after I snapped this shot she took out the Chicago Jammer and starting yet another breathless scoring spree!

Sailor Scary stirs up the crowd after scoring 10 points on that Jam. She's an excellent athlete and natural born entertainer.

Here, Sailor Scary strikes a victory pose for my camera.

The final Jam is called and the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana celebrate a 119-44 victory over the Chicago Shade Brigade.

Here's Sailor Scary giving her little sister and mother a sniff of what a hard-earned victory smells like!

And of course, no fine Knights Night would be complete without Sir Hook of Warrick getting his picture taken with the star of the evening!

We're hooked...(pardon the pun)...and plan on attending the rest of the home season this year. To learn more about ROSI you can visit their website:

Or course, I don't know if they planned that domain on purpose, but I guarantee that you will be in for a "sinfully" delightful time!

Sir Hook Who's Roller Derby Name Will Be the Back Cracker of Warrick


  1. So I was correct. I was editing my photos from Saturday night's ROSI Roller Derby game and I noticed in some of my images, there was a knightly looking fellow in the background. It was a strange evening of interconnections as we discovered after the game at a Burlesque show at the Newburgh VFW.

    I was already acquainted with Suffragette Kitty, Virgin Cherry, Chesty Copperpot (and a few others) and Lady Gwendoline and I had met Sailor Scary at the Home Show earlier that day.

    The final score on the billboard over an image with Sir Hook of Warrick was 119 - 44.

  2. That is too wild! Hope I didn't block too many of your shots! lol

    Sir Hook the Back Cracker of Warrick

  3. Sir James -- don't forget to post a blog with an image of Sir Hook.

    Lady Suzanne and Sir John and I went to Hockey on Thursday -- we have a photo of them to post (as soon as we can figure out out to download photos off her camera).

    Fun and Games!

    Sir Bowie

  4. Love the speeding background shots...really gives the effect of motion...

    Hey don't we get to see Pics of the Drop Dead gals at the VFW???...what is this Censorship on the KMSA ?

    Hooky I'm disappointed..i thought you'd be there in the front row of the Burlesque standing on your tongue LOL... being a Veteran an' all ;-)

    Sir D of O...

  5. Sir D, thanks for the compliments on my photography! And yes, if I'd known about the Burlesque show you put your sweet bippie that I'd been down front, if not on the stage! lol

    Sir Hook Who Puts the Bur in Lesque of Warrick

  6. I didn't bother taking my camera to the Burlesque show. Sometimes I actually like to see what's going on. This particular show was more like a variety show with more singing than girls. You can see some of my other Burlesque shots on my website in the Retro/Pinup section.