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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar Day!

Today is Sir Bowie of Greenbriar Day! The birthday of one of our illustrious and pioneering Founding Father's. Sir Bowie thought he had escaped this particular birthday by banishing himself to the woods, as is his habit from time to time.

However, we could not let the milestone of 50 years go by without some type of celebration! So, Sir William of Keglers and myself, along with Lady Suzanne planned to nab him unawares after their bowling league tonight in the legendary attached bar...Legends!

Above is one of Sir Bowie's pictures when he and this errant knight were co-stars of a local "B" Movie television show called "Midnight Movie King". This is where Doctor D. Bowie Kuhn would do his Rod Serling impression and my character, Dr. Meathook, would come to life.

As Dr. Meathook (now you know only part of the Hook story)...I had the distinct unfortunate opportunity to eat green slime and various other items of horrific flare created in our laboratory of fun! Sir Bowie loves all things particular pickled eggs. So, Dr. Meathook fired up his kitchen and concocted a new recipe in honor of the KMSA Founding Father.

Above is the label to be placed on Sir Bowie's present. I feel sorry for the Heretics tonight!

To cap off this fine evening, we are honoring fellow Knight and Legends owner, Sir William of Keglers , with Evansville's second Sacred Watering Hole charter!

Should be a fun filled evening. Only those who will be attending at exactly the time this is posted will know for sure!

Happy 5oth...David Kuhn, D. Bowie Kuhn, Kuhnie, Kuhn Dog, Bowie and Sir Bowie of Greenbriar!

Sir Hook the Hot Hen Pub Pickle Eggs Cook of Warrick


  1. Ah yes, the great milestone of turning 50. Truly a great time to reflect, forget and neglect. To reflect on past triumphs and the path life has taken us. To forget past failures and the path life has taken us. To neglect all of the lessons learned along that damned path life has taken so we can run out and make fools of ourselves all over again as we rocket down that new path towards one day becoming a crotchety old man.

    Happy Birthday, Sir B!

    Sir Bro-in-law

    P.S. Make sure you get that AARP card soon and remember Early Bird is from 4-6PM.

  2. Sir Lance, you would have enjoyed the foods last night (chicken fried steak and mashed potato pizza)...and the PBR and cigars

    Sir Hook, thank you for another memorable birthday celebration - still have flashbacks from Sir Bowie's 21st birthday when you actually knighted him - what will we do for his 75th??

    Sir William, oops have to talk to him in person as computers don't exist in his world

    Don't know how much of a surprise we pulled off,

    but he was smiling in his sleep

  3. Happiest 50th birthday Sir Bowie....and I heard you ate some wonderful foods last night....basically pickled EVERYTHING! Chicken-fried steak PIZZA? Dear Lord I hope you called St Marys Heart Center after that feast!!

    Enjoy your are an exemplary Knight!

    Sir Richard Lionheart

  4. A great night for a great Knight! Hooky Hot Hens were firing on all cylinders this morning! I do want a copy of that picture when I knighted Sir Bowie 29 years ago. As for his 75th...I just hope to be able to remember who everone is! Perhaps Wheel Chair Jousts in the parking lot?!

    Sir Hook Who's Laying Hot Hen Pub Pickled Eggs of Warrick

    P.S. To Sir D...The Knights and Ladies at Legends want you to attend our first Rendevous later this year!

  5. I posted a nice long thank you earlier, but I see that it didn't take.

    Long story short, one of my favorite lines was from my bowling teammate Sir Cock of the Walk's father: "You're only 50? It took me 77 years to get that ugly!"

    Sir Bowie "50 years plus one day and not feeling a day over 77" of Greenbriar

  6. Now if the chicken fried steak and mashed potato pizza had a collard green pesto sauce and a crust made from Bisquick it would have been a Southern Italian pizza that Bubba Pasquale would kill for!

  7. Hope you had a great Day Bowie, and that the Beatles Vids got forwarded OK..

    "Happy Bithday to ya"

    sir D