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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sir Ryan of Warrick Turns 21!

Sir Ryan with friend, Private Jason Brunck, who is currently in Iraq

In the spirit of the past theme of Springtime Birthday' my son, Sir Ryan of Warrick, turns 21. Finally he can legally drink, after earning the right to drive, vote and serve his country!

Captain Morgan on Deck

Our card to him today stated, "Here's to all the things you couldn't do...or shouldn't have done already!" Sir Ryan loves to go cruising with the family, and we took him on a cruise before his enlistment, where in the Islands he could drink legally.

Sir Ryan, Sir Hook and Lady Maegan in Jamaica

And in the land that connected their parents, Jamaica, we enjoyed Red Stripes together.

Sir Ryan, a real Knight...and a real Private Ryan...Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment.

Post Army, Sir Ryan has landed an excellent career with Action Pest Control were he now terminates termites instead of Taliban fighters!

So join this proud papa, as we welcome our fellow Knight of KMSA for a legal round of Fish Bowls this evening at Knob Hill Tavern.


Sir Hook the Warrior's Father of Warrick


  1. I won't even embarrass him by saying "I remember the day he was born...he's getting so big now!"

    Sir H, to keep the 21st tradition going
    - you can "knight" him officially!

    enjoy tonight and have a DD

    Lady Suzzzz

  2. Yes, Sir Hook, break out the sword and Knight Sir Ryan!

    Enjoy 21 -- but, not too much.

    Sir Bowie "damn, there goes another designated driver" of Greenbriar

  3. Funny, I became the designated driver last night! Quite an accomplishment seeing how I started with Stone Barley Wine on draft at the Gerst House, which was 11.5%!

    On a somber note, after we enjoyed our first official fish bowl together, Sir Ryan received a text informing him that one of his friends was critically wounded by an IUD in Iraq while driving a humvee. He is being sent to Germany. We keep him in our prayers!

    Sir Hook the DUI Dodger of Warrick