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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beer Challenge Update

I really should get extra credit since 5 of these were cooked over an open fire (and it's amazing how many children are astonished, "What? No microwave?").

Here are a few photos from this weekend’s Pioneer Days at the Lincoln Pioneer Village in Rockport, Indiana. You’ll see Lady Suzanne, Lady Gwendoline, Sir Bowie, and a few other reenactors (Sorry, no Sir James as he was the one taking the photos).

I think the dish that turned the most heads was Lucy Saunders’ Clam Chili with Bock Beer. Most turned their nose up to it when they heard “clams,” but a few brave souls tried it and, despite my “season to taste” is a little hotter than most cooks, it was well received.

Basically, it’s celery, onion, bell peppers, garlic (yes, I used twice as much as called for), tomatoes, clam juice, cayenne pepper and pepper flakes, red beans, chopped clams, fresh parsley (actually from the Village’s garden) and bock beer (I used a nice smoked bock beer).

As always, you can find the complete recipe on

Other recipes that were cooked this weekend and last Saturday:

Brats N Beer Potato Salad (how can you go wrong with Bratwurst, Potatoes, and Beer?)
Beerbecue Sauce with an Upland IPA
Dunkel Date Nut Bread
Big Beer & Beef Stew
Great Big Shrooms with Spicy Sausage
Apples in Beer (Suzanne cooked this one up for the group)
Wild Rice Soup with Cream and a Porter Beer (George Washington’s favorite beer)

Challenge Update = 25 Beer Recipes in 30 Days
53 to go by January 1, 2010

Stay tuned!

Sir Bowie “Squire Kuhn 1809” of Greenbriar


  1. Looks awesome. Still yet to have the pleasure to taste it. Perhaps I'll try some myself once I park my bags.

    Nice pictures. Who's the chap on the loom? He looks familiar.

    Sir Hook the Modern Day Pioneer of Warrick

  2. Classic Blogs...Suz and Sir B

    excellent lesson... and I learn that Lady Suz has a VAN!! ..whatcha use your VAN for Suz??? lol...

    Also great to see the kids being taught stuff they'll need to know when the Chinese cut the power and ask for their debt back.

    I think it is such a crying shame that they really don't know about cooking without electricity or even just cooking.

    We are increasingly having that problem here too, and Chef jamie Oliver is always campaigning for schools to teach cooking and food the kids don't even know where their food and milk comes from.

    Sad indictment of the system.

    Glad you are setting them right Booey

    Re Jamie...he was on TV last night in "Jamie in America"...where he has been travelling the country cooking with the locals, real American cooking....cajun...and so forth. Last night he was with the Navajo Indians cooking up a storm..much in the manner of your good selves. very Mexican in style of use of grain.

    I'm sure there'll be a book out with the series and i'll flag it up to you guys.

    Sir davyd ( the humble hogan dweller of the old country )